26 March 2018

The gentlemen club

<<Damn! She’s doing pretty good.>>
<<Yeah! Would you believe it is her first time?>>
<<I doubt it. No amateur can work a dick like that.>>
<<You think she has practiced before?>>
<<Not as a woman, that’s for sure. She can’t possibly have taken the formula before since we are the only ones owning it. But knowing that this would have been the day of her examination I can totally believe that she might have wanted to do a little bit of practice beforehand, just to be sure to make a good impression.>>
<<You may be right. Fuck! Look at her! I can’t wait for my turn!>>
<<Well get in line. I have more seniority than you, so you come after. Don’t worry, unless Mr. Williams decide differently, we will all get our turn eventually.>>

<<Who’s the new girl sir?>>
<<You got to hear this. She’s no less than Orson White.>>
<<The son of Carter White?!>>
<<Exactly. Would you believe that that cocksucking venus just a couple of hours ago was that spoiled rich kid? You see Richard, this is real power. Even the richest and haughtiest men of the country fall on their knees eager to choke on cocks just to earn the privilege of being part of our club. You’re lucky your father was already a member, or you would have had to do the same for your initiation.>>
<<I think she is looking at you sir.>>
<<Of course she is looking at me. They always look at me. They know very well that I’m the one in charge here, and that I can end this whole thing in an instant if I decide she has earned her place in the club. She can’t wait to show me what she’s capable of.>>
<<You think of making her a member then sir?>>
<<It’s too soon to decide. First of all I consider a huge error to look at other men while performing a fellatio. Her eyes should be fixated either on that shaft or on the man she is sucking off. Secondly, even though my word is the only one that counts in the final decision, I believe that it is important for a new member to gain the appreciation of all the other members, or at least of half of them. The little brat still has a long way to go. What do you say Richard? Do you want to be the next one to go? I can tell that you barely contain yourself.>>
<<It would be my privilege sir.>>

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