08 June 2018

The body snatchers - Part 3: On the run

It has been three months now. Three months since I first stumbled in the device. Three months since that first magic night in which I traded bodies with my girlfriend. Three months since I tasted cum for the first time. It seems so long ago. I have almost completely forgotten how my body used to feel. Hell, by now I have almost completely forgotten how being a man feels like at all. I have turned my back to the person I was, not only to my old life but to my former gender as well. And I do not regret it at all, not even for a second.

My girlfriend seems to have done the same, even though she doesn’t mind swapping with a woman every now and then. I don’t really mind it, lesbian sex is fine too. But with time I have basically become addicted to sex with guys, and I found myself constantly eager to have sex with whoever is going to be our next victim.

We have been on the run for two months now. I remember the chaos we caused when we decided to quit with our old lives and become outlaws. We couldn’t just choose someone we knew and steal their bodies forever, so we decided to go to the park and pick a random couple. I found it very fitting since it was there where I found the device. When we got there we couldn’t resist. We had become so vicious with time and we were in such a frenzy that we swapped every single person present in that park. I remember how confused that kid looked when he found himself suddenly trapped in his mother’s body, how that teenage girl shrieked when she saw the fat male body we put herself into, and the terrified look on that guy’s face when he looked down and saw his pregnant belly. It was all so amusing. Finally we chose a couple and ran away with the device leaving behind us a trail of mayhem and confusion.

By now police should have figured out who caused all that mess. Sometimes I can’t help but to think about my family, my old friends, everyone we knew. What must they think of us? It only lasts a moment though, that is all in the past. Now we have a whole new exiting life. Better yet, we can have all the lives we can wish for. All we have to do is point the device and click a button and the world is ours to be taken.

We have become pretty infamous by now, and we are on everybody’s mouths. They call us the Body Snatchers, like in that old movie. We are basically Bonnie and Clyde, only instead of stealing money we steal bodies. We are not satisfied with just stealing them for ourselves however. We like to mess with everyone we meet at random just because we can. Police is afraid to go after us for fear of what we could do to them. We even met people who were able to trace us only to beg us to give them a new body. We are usually happy to satisfy their requests.

These are the last bodies we stole. This time we decided to crush a wedding. I couldn’t resist when I saw this beautiful bride in her white gown, while my girlfriend decided to discard the groom and take the best man instead. Of course we had to mess around a bit with all the guests as well. The bride’s father will have a lot to get used to now that he is trapped in the flower girl’s body, and even though the bridesmaid was completely freaked out I’m sure she will eventually grow to love the DJ’s body I put her into.

This is amazing. I feel so free. I love to ride this motorcycle clinging to my new man’s muscular arms. God I can’t wait to get fucked by him. She choose a great body as usual. And she is riding this motorcycle like a pro even though I know she would have been terrified by it back at home when we were still ourselves. The first few weeks we didn’t even realize it since we used to swap bodies just for a quick fuck, but the device gives you also the skills of the person you swap bodies with. The possibilities are endless. We are unstoppable.

Now we will find some place to rest and enjoy our new bodies for a while. Then we will have to take off again to our next stop in our romantic run. We have been across half of the country by now and who knows where we will end up next. There are a few thoughts that excite my imagination. I really wonder how it would be like to be the first lady.

The body snatchers - Par 2: Thieves

It was my girlfriend who first proposed it. A couple of weeks had passed since the first time we had swapped bodies with each other, and everything was going great. The device really took our relationship to the next level. But there was something bugging us, even though we never really addressed it or even fully realized it ourselves. Some sort of curiosity, an eagerness. It just felt like it was a waste to use the incredible powers of the device to just swap between the two of us. We wanted more.

So one day she proposed that we swapped bodies with someone else. I’m not going to lie, I had considered that possibility probably since day one, but I just wasn’t sure about it. Such incredible power shouldn’t become known to many people. Who knew how the situation could have degenerated? But she had already thought about that. No one would have known about that. We would have just stolen other people’s bodies without them being aware of it.

The first bodies we chose were those of a couple of our friends. We invited them over to dinner and before swapping our bodies with them we took some sleeping pills. As soon as we felt them starting to take effect and ourselves being unable to stay awake we used the device to swap with them. Even if they were aware of what had happened they would have been unable to react and when we would have put everything back to normal they would have just thought that it was all a dream. The first time we decided to maintain our respective genders. Even if I was still a guy it still felt really strange to be in a different body, and it sure was good to fuck my friend’s girlfriend who I always thought was really attractive. But soon enough we couldn’t resist, and we had to return to have sex with our genders switched. While fucking his girlfriend felt good, getting fucked as her was amazing.

Our plan worked out just fine. Our friends sure were confused when we got themselves back in their bodies and they felt exhausted for the sex we just had as them, but they didn’t suspect anything. How could they after all? The device was just something too incredible to be true.

In the following weeks we got wild with the device, switching with a different couple every time we could. First my sister and his boyfriend, then one of my girlfriend’s colleagues and a friend of mine, then her parents, and so on until we had tried it out with almost everyone we knew. We even managed to get one of her friends pregnant. After all why should we have had safe sex since it wouldn’t have been us who would have had to face the consequences? I very rarely played the part of the guy in these swaps. Having sex as a girl just felt too good, and I couldn’t comprehend how my girlfriend could give it up. “Good for me” I just thought.

There was however one final thing we wanted to try out. A sort of crowning jewel of this amazing experience. Jessica.

Jessica was a friend of mine who grew up with a very strict Christian education. So much so that she decided to wait until marriage to have sex. What that meant, the possibilities it implied, would have been the final step in the path I took the first time I pointed the device towards me. I had sex plenty of time as a girl by that point, and I got kinda used to it. But with Jessica I had the possibility to experience something incredible. I could have lost my virginity as a girl.

At first we thought that was too much. We were going to steal something too precious from her. But after so much time spent stealing the bodies of our acquaintances we had become much more despicable than what we used to be before stumbling in the device. And I couldn’t possibly miss that opportunity.

So we invited her over to dinner as usual and I swapped bodies with her. This time we hadn’t even invited a fourth person. I would have lost my virginity to myself. That was too kinky of a thought for me to resist.

That night was something out of a dream. I remember the sting I felt as my hymen tore. It hurt and it was much more uncomfortable than what I have grown used to. But the feeling of losing my virginity was too incredible for me to be bothered by the pain. My pussy felt so tight. I jolted like I hadn’t done since the first time I had sex as a girl when I felt my former dick dig its way inside of me. I moaned of both pain and pleasure like I never did before. And when it all ended I felt like something had changed forever in my mind. The thought of ever going back to be a guy now disgusted me. I wanted to feel like that forever. Forever a woman. And even though my girlfriend hadn’t experienced something as transcendent as what I had just been through she felt the same way about going back to being a girl. The time of caution had ended. Soon we would have gone all out with the device. And the world would have started to fear us.

The body snatchers - Part 1: The device

God bless the day the device fell in my hands.

I remember finding it in the park. It didn’t look like anything I had ever seen before and I was immediately curious about it. So much so that I decided to completely ignore the couple who was evidently desperately looking for it freaking out. Something able to cause so much stir was certainly worth some investigation. They would most likely have offered a reward for it anyway eventually, given how scared they were for having lost it. I could have at least got something out of it.

When I got home I started to investigate it but I just couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to be. The only clue I had was the display instructing me to “Select target A”. It took me a while before I decided to aim it towards a person. I chose my neighbor, who was chatting with the mailman. I pointed it at her and pressed the only button on the device. After that it instructed me to “Select target B”. I had no idea what I was doing but I instinctively decided to aim it at the mailman. As soon as I pressed the button the two froze for an instant. Then the dazed expression on their faces turned into one of confusion and then of utter fear. They were compulsively touching themselves while freaking out. Then the mailman grabbed my neighbor by the shoulder and started to shake her. <<Give me back my body!>> he yelled. As I heard that sentence I came to the realization. Could it be? Was the device able to swap bodies? It sounded incredible, but I had it right in front of my eyes. I decide to try to get them back to normal and as I pointed the device once again at them they froze and then let out a sigh of relief as they found themselves in their bodies again. I didn’t even stayed there to witness their reaction. I immediately rushed to my room and locked myself in. I started to ponder the power of the device, but most importantly I wondered how I could have used it. Despite my eagerness to unleash its power I decided that it was more prudent to use it carefully so I didn’t touch it again until that evening, when the answer I was looking for came to me in the form of my girlfriend.

We were laying on the bed cuddling when pretty much out of nowhere I asked her <<Have you ever wondered how it would be like to be a guy?>>
<<Why are you asking that?>>
<<Just answer please.>>
<<I don’t know. I mean, I guess so. But why are you asking that?>>
<<What if I told you that there’s a way you could find it out?>>
<<What do you mean?>>
I took out the device and pointed it at her. I hesitated a bit before pointing it towards me. That was the first time I would have used it on myself. I had no idea how it would have felt or what could have happened. But I was just too eager to try it out so I mastered the courage to finally press the button.

Immediately there was a warping sensation and I felt myself being projected forward towards my girlfriend. It took a few seconds before I could feel my body again. But it wasn’t actually my body. I slowly became aware of all the alien sensations that body was giving me. I felt myself striving to keep balance due to my different center of gravity. I felt long hair brushing against the back of my neck. I felt my new breasts uncomfortably tucked in the bra and the shorts I was now wearing squeezing and pushing up my firm butt. I stretched my arms and legs. I felt so different. So strange. It is impossible to describe how excited I was.

In front of me my girlfriend now trapped in my body was as well checking her new self out. She had a frightened expression on her face and as our eyes met she started to scream. It was ridiculous seeing myself freak out like a girl. I tried to calm her down and I explained her what had happened. I told her of how I found the device and what it was capable of. She couldn’t believe it but its powers were undeniable. She wasn’t exited at all about the situation though, and she was starting to freak out again.

I can’t explain what went through my mind in that moment. The decision of swapping bodies with her was instinctive and I had no idea of what I would have done after that. What happened next just came out so naturally.

I gently reached to kiss her and hug her tight, calming her down. <<It’s going to be all right.>> I said to her. Then I reached for my former crotch with my dainty hand, starting to rub it. I immediately felt what used to be my dick getting hard under my delicate touch, and I started to feel aroused. She was evidently scared of those sensations that were completely new to her and asked me to stop. <<Relax, you’re going to like it.>> I reassured her. And as I said that I unzipped her pants and kneeled down in front of her. I took her throbbing cock out and started to stroke it. Looking up at her I was met with her frightened stare, but I could read a sort of eagerness in it. So I focused again on that dick, and I gently kissed the tip of it. Then licked the shaft. And then I took it all in my mouth. It tasted funny, and I felt a little bit unease. But I could feel myself already getting wet, and so I closed my eyes and started to go back and forth with my head, making it reach to the back of my throat. She started to moan and grunt as the pleasure started to build. I felt like gagging a couple of times but I wasn’t willing to stop. I wanted it. And when it finally erupted with its load inside my mouth and I tasted the warm liquid for the first time I got impossibly wet, feeling my groin burning. I swallowed without even thinking about it for a second.

In the next few days we would have met every night to have sex with our bodies swapped. I remember how I jolted the first time I felt my former cock entering my new genitals. How amazing it felt to reach my first orgasm as a girl while my pussy was being licked and teased. How powerless I felt when I got fucked doggie style, which soon became my favorite position. After a while we almost completely stopped having sex as ourselves. Experiencing it from the other side just felt too good. But that would soon have not been enough for us, and we would have started to use the device in different ways.