05 June 2018

Harder than I thought

It should have been simple. A piece of cake even. I felt so confident when I took up these guys’ challenge. All I had to do was pop up one of those freaky gender swapping pills, and then just not cum for the following 15 minutes.

If I won I would have taken home 3.000 $. Just what I needed to pay my rent and my bills, and even have something to spare. If I failed they would have put the video online, and I would have got ridiculed. It was a bit much to process, but I was confident I would have won easily. How hard could that have been? I had never been able to make a woman reach orgasm after all. I just had to resist for a short amount of time and then I would have collected all the cash I needed.

I prepared myself for the challenge. I beat my meat three times before going to the room were the challenge was supposed to take place. I was completely emptied. Turns out it was useless though. Girls do not need any recovery time after an orgasm.

I can’t even grasp how much I have changed. My long hair, my soft skin, my new boobs. All I can think about is how fucking amazing this feels. I’m trembling and quivering, and I can barely control my breath. I can’t even moan. I was supposed to resist 15 minutes, but I doubt I have even reached the 5 minutes mark. These fuckers sure know how to have a girl melt. I didn’t expect it to feel so incredible.

I lost. I’ve been humiliated. Now the video of me coming and crying of pleasure, completely powerless in this man’s arms will be for everyone to see. Everybody will see me trembling and moaning, completely numbed by the ecstasy. But the worst thing is that nothing of it matters to me now. All I can think about is how marvelous it feels!

How can I go back to being a man after experiencing such amazing pleasure? How can I give up this new sexy body? I just can’t! I will ask them for more of those pills. Maybe I can become a habitué of their streams. Maybe I’ll even make an agreement with them. They will give me the pills and part of the profits, and I will give them the best performer they could wish for. Yeah, that will do. Oh fuck! I think I’m coming again!


  1. I think I came to the right place.

  2. Rachel's the best at what she does & what she does is very good. ;)