01 June 2018

The game got too far

Requested by marilin Salazar
Fred and George were in big trouble. Out in the streets, dressed in their revealing outfits and exposed to the cold and to the whistles and indecent proposals of every man that would cross their path, scared and overturned by the events, they were desperately looking for each other, but at the same time they were doing their best to also stay as hidden as possible. Not an easy feat, considering how the sight of two stunning women like they had become made any head turn and get everyone’s attention, especially dressed like that.

After endless minutes of panic they were both finally able to find a temporary haven in two different shady alleys. Still confused and scared beyond belief they both could not help but look down at their transformed bodies. Just an hour earlier their newly acquired curves, smooth legs, and flat crotches amazed and intrigued them, but now all they did was freak them out, and serve as a painful reminder that there was a concrete possibility that they would have been stuck like that for the rest of their lives.

How could they be so stupid, so hasty to change themselves in that way? After all they managed to spend months without abusing the powers of the medallion, using its shapeshifting abilities just to get some advantages every once in a while and never risking to be found out. But such amazing powers can be an irresistible temptation, and eventually curiosity just got the best of them. They experimented countless times with the powers of the magical artifacts, but neither of the two brothers ever brought himself to transform himself into a girl. Even though they were both really eager to find out how that would have felt, they both feared the judgment of the other. But that day they had the house all for themselves, and time was flying as they kept discussing about what they should have done with the medallion that day, until eventually they came to an agreement. They would have satisfied their curiosity, and they would have done so with a game.

They started simple, only changing into their favorite female peers from school so they could have checked out their bodies naked, but soon the game got more and more intense. Soon it turned almost into a competition where each contender would dare the other to progressively change into hotter and more indecent looking women. Each time they used the medallion they would give themselves bigger boobs, perkier asses, longer legs, and they would attire themselves into more and more enticing and scandalous outfits, until the two brothers transformed into two astounding gorgeous women dressed in nothing but sexy lingerie. They were both thrilled and overwhelmed by their transformation, and were ready to start exploring their new bodies, when suddenly they heard the front door open.

Both their hearts sunk as soon as they saw their mother staring at them shocked from the doorway, and they were both too scared to think straight about how to get out of their predicament. Clearly there was no way they could have made her believe that those two women, who looked just like cheap whores, standing almost naked in her living room were actually her children, but it was also true that there really was no credible excuse for why two women like those would be at her house during her absence. They did not have to come up with any explanation anyway, for after just a couple of seconds the mom’s shocked expression turned into one of rage, and before they could react she had already grabbed a baseball bat and started to swing it at the two brothers, who were barely able to avoid the hits, uneasy as they were on the stiletto heels they had at their feet. Frightened beyond any belief they desperately tried to grab the medallion and change back right then, but suddenly a swing of the bat hit it right in the middle, shattering it in dozen of pieces.

Their hearts skipped a beat as they saw the shards of the artifacts glow in an eerie light only to then remain inert on the floor, apparently stripped of all its powers. The same scary thoughts started to flood their overturned minds. What would have been of them? Were they stuck like that forever? They felt their legs get weak, and thought they could have fainted right there, but their mother was still there yelling at them to get out of her house, furious and convinced that those women were hookers that her husband had called while she was out of the house, and in the end they had no choice but to flee the place before she could call the cops or worse.

Thrown in the middle of the street dressed in nothing but lingerie, they obviously immediately got the attention of everyone who was around, and as they felt all those eyes staring at them their fear turned into utter panic and they ran away looking for a place where to hide. Unfortunately they ended up being separated during the run, and now they were both alone, left to contemplate what may very well end up being the bodies they would have had to live with for the rest of their lives. Both of them started to melt down in a desperate cry, and felt their world crumble upon them, but unfortunately for them their troubles were not quite over yet. It wasn’t wise from them to seek shelter in such a place, and the sight of two women dressed like that in a dark alley were likely to get the wrong kind of attention from the wrong kind of people. They will not have much time to fully take in what had happened to them yet, and soon will have to think fast about a way to get back together and find a safe place where to plan their next move, in the hope of maybe get their bodies back.

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