06 June 2018

Party by myself

TG Pills have been all the rage recently. All you hear about are parties where everyone pop a pill and change gender. And those parties get wild.

I was unsure at first whether or not I should have tried it out, but eventually temptation got the best of me. I could have just taken it at the club like everyone else, but I was so scared, and the idea of changing in front of everyone was making me feel so uncomfortable. I had to take it at home, just to get the transformation part out of the way. Then I would have got to the club and explained that I had already taken the pill. That turned out be a mistake.

I’m baffled by how young I look as a girl. It kinda makes me feel uncomfortable. And of course I’m not the only one who cannot believe that I’m actually past legal age. Needless to say I couldn’t enter the club. The bouncer just would not let me. Even after I showed him my ID he just laughed it off. He just wouldn’t believe that I was a grown man who was just under the effect of the Pill.

That was a bummer. My plans for the night were destroyed. I couldn’t even get anyone to sell me alcohol. I just look like a teenager. This sucks.

I had no choice but to return to my apartment. But there are other ways to have fun on a Friday night. I was so eager to get to the club that I didn’t even take any time to explore my new petite body. But now I’m taking care of that. Playing with my new pussy feels amazing, and I’m so freaking hot I can’t stop looking at my cute happy face in the mirror. Now I get why those pills are so popular. I bet everyone is fucking on the dance floor right now at the club. But I don’t need anyone to have some fun after all.

Or maybe I do. I’m thinking about texting one of my friends. I still have a couple of hours before the effects run out. I can make someone come over and have some fun with my new body. I hope they will not be put off by my youngish appearance. Partying by myself is fun and all, but you need at least two people to call it a party.

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