08 June 2018

The body snatchers - Part 3: On the run

It has been three months now. Three months since I first stumbled in the device. Three months since that first magic night in which I traded bodies with my girlfriend. Three months since I tasted cum for the first time. It seems so long ago. I have almost completely forgotten how my body used to feel. Hell, by now I have almost completely forgotten how being a man feels like at all. I have turned my back to the person I was, not only to my old life but to my former gender as well. And I do not regret it at all, not even for a second.

My girlfriend seems to have done the same, even though she doesn’t mind swapping with a woman every now and then. I don’t really mind it, lesbian sex is fine too. But with time I have basically become addicted to sex with guys, and I found myself constantly eager to have sex with whoever is going to be our next victim.

We have been on the run for two months now. I remember the chaos we caused when we decided to quit with our old lives and become outlaws. We couldn’t just choose someone we knew and steal their bodies forever, so we decided to go to the park and pick a random couple. I found it very fitting since it was there where I found the device. When we got there we couldn’t resist. We had become so vicious with time and we were in such a frenzy that we swapped every single person present in that park. I remember how confused that kid looked when he found himself suddenly trapped in his mother’s body, how that teenage girl shrieked when she saw the fat male body we put herself into, and the terrified look on that guy’s face when he looked down and saw his pregnant belly. It was all so amusing. Finally we chose a couple and ran away with the device leaving behind us a trail of mayhem and confusion.

By now police should have figured out who caused all that mess. Sometimes I can’t help but to think about my family, my old friends, everyone we knew. What must they think of us? It only lasts a moment though, that is all in the past. Now we have a whole new exiting life. Better yet, we can have all the lives we can wish for. All we have to do is point the device and click a button and the world is ours to be taken.

We have become pretty infamous by now, and we are on everybody’s mouths. They call us the Body Snatchers, like in that old movie. We are basically Bonnie and Clyde, only instead of stealing money we steal bodies. We are not satisfied with just stealing them for ourselves however. We like to mess with everyone we meet at random just because we can. Police is afraid to go after us for fear of what we could do to them. We even met people who were able to trace us only to beg us to give them a new body. We are usually happy to satisfy their requests.

These are the last bodies we stole. This time we decided to crush a wedding. I couldn’t resist when I saw this beautiful bride in her white gown, while my girlfriend decided to discard the groom and take the best man instead. Of course we had to mess around a bit with all the guests as well. The bride’s father will have a lot to get used to now that he is trapped in the flower girl’s body, and even though the bridesmaid was completely freaked out I’m sure she will eventually grow to love the DJ’s body I put her into.

This is amazing. I feel so free. I love to ride this motorcycle clinging to my new man’s muscular arms. God I can’t wait to get fucked by him. She choose a great body as usual. And she is riding this motorcycle like a pro even though I know she would have been terrified by it back at home when we were still ourselves. The first few weeks we didn’t even realize it since we used to swap bodies just for a quick fuck, but the device gives you also the skills of the person you swap bodies with. The possibilities are endless. We are unstoppable.

Now we will find some place to rest and enjoy our new bodies for a while. Then we will have to take off again to our next stop in our romantic run. We have been across half of the country by now and who knows where we will end up next. There are a few thoughts that excite my imagination. I really wonder how it would be like to be the first lady.