31 May 2018

Day 1

Originally written for Karen :)
<<So son, what do you think? Are you happy with Ai? Isn’t she beautiful?>>
<<Yes dad. She really is a beauty. Thank you for having presented us. Where did you say she’s from?>>
<<Somewhere in Asia, I don’t remember. What matters is that I got you a stunning bride all for you. I hope you two will be happy and finally give me some grandchildren.>>
<<Don’t worry dad. I know I have been a disappointment for you up until now with the way I picked my women. Every time I thought I had met the right one, just to find out later on that she was just another whore only interest in my… well, in your fortune. But this time it will be different! I’m sure! Asian women are a lot more modest after all, and faithful too. I can’t wait to get her to the altar. And don’t worry about you grandkids, we will create a beautiful family, I’m sure. After all, three’s a charm, right?>>
<<Yeah, yeah. Please stop reminding me of how much money you have already wasted with two divorces. I don’t want to hear of that crap ever again. Beside, don’t you think your sweet fiancée maybe doesn’t want to hear about your exes?>>
<<You’re right. Enough with the past. We got a bright future ahead of us. But is there something wrong with her? Why isn’t she talking? She hasn’t muttered a sentence the whole time beside “nice to meet you”.>>
<<Oh no, she talks. I guess she just has still some difficulties with the language, or maybe she’s just very shy. Am I right Ai? Aren’t you happy to have just met your future husband? Don’t you like him?>>
<<Y… Yes, I like him very much. I’m… I’m so happy.>>
<<What a beautiful voice you have Ai. And you don’t even have an accent. Amazing. Don’t worry, we will spend so much time together so that you will be confident with English in no time.>>
<<Wonderful! Well I will just leave you lovebirds alone. You have a lot to talk about, and you will have to get to know each other well in a very short amount of time. I will immediately start to organize the wedding, I don’t want to waste any more time.>>
<<Yes dad, sure. Thank you again.>>

<<Don’t mention it, family is the only thing that matters as you will learn as soon as you will have child of your own. See you soon Ai. And remember, smile, this is the first day of your new life as the future wife of a millionaire. Well, the heir of a millionaire at least.>>
<<Y… yes Mr. McGee.>>

As soon as the old man exited the room the guy immediately turned toward the girl with a naughty look on his face, lusting over the voluptuous and plump forms of the stunning Asian beauty in front of him, who looked incredibly tense, twisting her fingers nervously and staring blankly in front of her.
<<So… Ai. I think it is time to start to get more acquainted right away, don’t you agree? What have you said is your second name again? You know what, it doesn’t matter. Soon you will be known just as Mrs. McGee. Don’t worry, I will treat you like a queen if you remain forever faithful to me.>>

He then turned the woman around and embraced her from behind, starting to grope her and fondling her huge tits. The woman quivered under that touch. She had previously tried out on her own how it felt to squeeze those huge mounds of flesh, but this was the first time that it was someone else to do so. It was even more disturbing than she had thought, especially when she felt the guy’s now erect cock pressing against her plump butt.

David started to regret his decision to accept Mr. McGee’s offer. When his firm declared bankrupt he was left alone with an absurd amount of debts against McGee’s bank, and he would have lost everything he owned since he was unable to repay the sum. That was when that sleazy man came to him with an offer. To undergo a series of plastic surgeries and an experimental procedure for gender reassignment and to become his son’s wife. The offer was insane and unbelievable, but as soon as David realized that he was being completely serious about it he had to seriously consider it. Accepting would not only have got him free of all his debts, but it would have also assured him a lifetime of wealth as the wife of one of the richest men in the country. But on the other hand, he had to say goodbye forever to everything he had ever been and become a woman, a wife, and eventually a mother. That was too much to accept, but eventually he realized that he didn’t really had any choice.

So he accepted the offer. There was no contract to sign of course, there wasn’t anything legal in such a deal. One day David would have just disappeared forever, and Mr. McGee contacts would have got him a brand new identity. It was a shock when he first woke up in the clinic and saw the humongous breasts that were now hanging from his chest. <<My son has a thing for buxom girls. Those will make me extra sure that he will like you.>>

What a despicable human being! Can money really do that to a person? Make you so detached that people just become a commodity for you? Anyway now there was no going back. And so Ai just remained there, with her arms completely numb as Junior kept groping her, panting and grunting disgustingly. She felt him start to lift her shirt, eager for sex with what would have soon become his wife. She tried to resist one last time before resigning to her fate. She always knew what was laying ahead of her, even though it was turning out to be something a lot harder to swallow than she thought. But she had to endure it. Eventually she would have enjoyed the benefits of being the wife of a millionaire. And as she was bent over and felt Junior’s hard throbbing cock enter her brand new pussy she started to repeat to herself “I’m Ai! Not David! I’m Ai! Not David!”. She repeated that sentence over and over again in her mind like a mantra, a mantra that would have accompanied her for many years to come. As Mr. McGee rightly said, that was the first day of her new life.

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  1. being someone's wife is not easy.

    but with those huge breasts, her new husband will surely love her.