18 January 2018

Ejoying the night

A special request for my friend Marti :) Enjoy!
Well, who would have guessed it? Turns out I’m actually enjoying this party way more than I would ever have imagined. All those drinks are finally helping me loosening up, and even the music doesn’t seem so loud and annoying. In fact I’m finding it very catchy and enjoyable. It makes me want to dance, and shake my butt. My new, firm butt. It looks so good in this tight dress and with these heels perking it up. Not to mention my rack. It’s breathtaking! I’m gorgeous! This is so incredible that I still can’t help but think that I’m somehow on drugs and this is all some crazy hallucination. But no, that can’t be the case. These tits are definitely real, as are my new toned legs, and my beautiful face, and the feeling of my panties tightly wrapping my empty crotch is no hallucination either. I’m a girl!

Pardon? Yeah sure, I’ll have another drink. Of course we can get on the dance floor after that. Just don’t get any wrong idea, I’m not that easy. Tehee! This is such fun! This is already the third guy that offers me a drink. They are literally drooling over my new hot body, and I love to flirt with them. I don’t know for how much my transformation will last, but as long as it does I’ll take advantage of it and have some fun, as well as get back some of the many drinks I have offered in vain to girls in the course of many years. Now I get why girls seem to enjoy themselves so much teasing us guys. This is so amusing!

Well, out of all the guys that have been hitting on me tonight this is definitely the best looking. Check out those pecs, and those muscular biceps. This dude really works out! Even his butt looks very nice. I wonder what he’s packing down there. Wait! What am I thinking?! Oh god, I feel so tipsy. I guess this new petite body of mine simply doesn’t handle alcohol very well. I should be careful, I fear that if I don’t contain myself I may end up doing something foolish. And..? Why would that be a problem? I mean, this isn’t even the real me. I’m simply messing around a little bit, just some innocent fun. What’s the worst that could happen?

And to think that I didn’t even want to come here. When James’s brother suggested to get to the club to continue the night instead of calling a stripper for the bachelor party I was pretty much against it. I never really liked going clubbing that much, I always feel out of place. The loud music, the crowded dancefloor, and all those girls I have never had much luck with. As soon I got here I just went straight to the bar and started ordering one drink after the other. I was already getting kind of hammered when the bartender must have noticed my bad mood. I don’t even know what went through my mind when I accepted the drink he offered me. I couldn’t help but think that there must have been something fishy with him handing out free drinks, but to be honest I didn’t really care that much. Even the fact that it looked like one of those pink, very girly drinks didn’t stop me. It tasted soo sweet. I chugged it up, but didn’t feel anything strange at first. Only after some time I started to feel groggy, and then I felt that pleasurable tingling sensation all over my body. It was only when I decided to finally leave the bar and join the others that I realized that something was off. I almost fell on my face when I stumbled over the stiletto heels I was now wearing, and when I looked down and saw my new rack and my sexy figure tightly enveloped in a skimpy dress I had my heart in my throat. I was literally shaking for the surprise and confusion, and when I looked into a mirror and saw a gorgeous blonde staring back at me with eyes wide open I almost screamed. I turned around and saw the bartender looking at me with a satisfied look on his face. He just winked at me, and then I realized that this was all his doing. But I also realized to my surprise that I didn’t mind this at all. In fact I was so thrilled!

And so here I am. I don’t know how that drink changed me, nor do I know if this is supposed to be just a temporary thing. But to be honest I don’t care. I’m just so excited! What’s that? Sure, I would love to get somewhere more intimate. What about your place? Yeah, go pick the car, I’ll be waiting for you outside. Wait! What am I doing? I… I can’t just get away with this guy, can I? I mean, clearly there is only one way this night can continue if I go to his place. Do I really want to go that far? And why the hell not?! It’s not every day that you get to experience something like this. If this is only a temporary thing I don’t want to regret not having gone all the way, and if I’m going to be a girl forever… well, sooner or later I will have to do it, so why not tonight? To be honest I’m just too drunk right now to think about the consequences. I wonder if what the guys are going to think. I have disappeared for hours now. Maybe they think I got lucky with some chick, or most likely they just think that I have gone home since I wasn’t having fun. I will have some crazy explanation to do tomorrow, that’s for sure. It’s funny, I was kind of mad at James for having chosen his brother as his best man instead of me, but now I guess that if I’m going to be a girl forever I would not have fitted the role very well.


  1. Thank you so much Rachel, it's great and sexy ;) If only that night could really end like this.

    1. I'm happy to know you liked it :) It's just a fantasy, sure, but a girl can dream ;)