16 January 2018

I love shopping

Another fun idea by Wakka :) Enjoy!

I used to hate shopping! For me it was simply the worst! If I could I would just have worn always the same type of clothes, regardless of the occasion. My girlfriend on the contrary had a completely different opinion on the matter, and she always insisted for me to accompany her on her shopping sprees and encouraged me to buy new stuff for me as well. When she got home she could barely contain herself for the excitement. A lot of new shops had just opened at the mall, and among them there was also one for men. Perfect for me to buy new clothes for work. I didn’t really want to go, but there was no use to fight, so I complied and followed her.

Once there I insisted for her to at least leave me alone to choose my clothes. She didn’t objected, since she had a lot of shops to visit herself, so I got into the shop and started to look around. To my surprise and confusion, despite being a shop for men, all the clothes around me just seemed to be for women. The shelves in the sport section of the store were filled with leggings, tank tops, training bras and yoga pants, the formal wear section consisted almost entirely of dresses, and the casual wear racks were full of skirts, blouses, and so on. Confused I asked the sales woman for some explanation, but she just asked me what I was looking for. As soon as I told her she just picked up a bunch of clothes for me and pointed me to the changing room. I figured I may have just missed the male clothes, so I just did as she said and went in there. I took the clothes and slipped into them. Strangely enough at first both the shirt and blazer seemed far too small, especially around the shoulder, but as soon as I put them on they fitted like a glove. So did the pants, which despite looking very tight, almost to the point of being uncomfortable, perfectly wrapped my legs like they were tailor made.

I looked at myself into the mirror expecting to see myself in formal wear for work, but to my surprise I noticed that what I was wearing were actually female clothes. The shirt I put on was actually a blouse, and the pants and the blazer definitely had a female style, with large sleeves and a tight cut. But even more surprising was the fact that those clothes fitted me all too perfectly. The tight pants made my legs appear long and toned, my hips wide, and my butt round and perky, while my shoulders, torso and arms had become much narrower, almost frail and delicate. Not only that, but my hands were now dainty, my skin was soft and smooth, and my face looked almost feminine, with a delicate jawline, luscious lips and no facial hair to be seen. My attention shifted towards my crotch, where to my dismay my bulge had completely disappeared, leaving behind a flat groin tightly covered by my female pants.
I screamed to that sight, only to immediately let my cry of fear stop in my throat as I realized that I actually let out a female shriek, and I immediately tried to get out of the changing room, only to find the door locked. Just then I noticed that the stall door was covered with knobs and dials. I figured out that maybe one of them would have opened it, so I started to twist and turn them at random. I didn’t notice it at first for how scared I was, but every twist of those dials was furtherly changing my body. My hair became wavy and grew all the way to my butt only to immediately shorten back to my shoulders as I kept messing with the dials, and changed color several times. The two modest breasts that had appeared on my chest grew and shrunk several sizes. In a matter of seconds I went from being a thin woman, to a chubby one, to a fit one. Finally I was able to open the door.

The sales woman was there waiting for me, with a satisfied look on her face. I immediately started to yell, and fidget, both scared and enraged, but the woman just kept her cool and after having let me pour out my confusion she calmly and kindly started to explain to me what had just happened. She told me that the shop was indeed for men, but only for them to explore and discover shopping as women. While in the store customers can get changed into whatever outfit they wish and alter their appearance however they want, but as soon as they leave the store they turn back to normal and the clothes they buy transform into the male equivalent. As I listened to her explanation I couldn’t believe to what I was hearing, but my changed body was enough of a proof that she was telling the truth. Despite my skepticism having dissolved, I still wasn’t sure about what to think of it. I was a girl now, tits and everything! What should I have done next? The woman had the perfect answer to that question. <<Just explore and have fun.>>.

And so I did. With the enthusiasm and trepidation of a children in a candy store I started to raid the shelves of all the item of clothing that would capture my attention and imagination. I must have spent hours in the changing room trying them one after the other. Skirts, dresses, pantyhose, lingerie… I had the time of my life. Every time I put on a different article of clothing my body would change to fit it properly, and then I also had the freedom to mess around with the knobs and dials to alter my appearance however I wished. So many possibilities, so many changes! But after a while I couldn’t ignore my phone buzzing anymore. My girlfriend was looking for me and was most likely worried since I was nowhere to be found. But as I realized that as soon as I would have left the shop I would have gone back to being myself I got immediately sad. For a brief time I had the possibility to change myself into my dream girl, and now that would have been taken away from me. It was unfair!

Fortunately for me the woman noticed my gloom, and had the perfect solution to my predicament. She pointed me to two dials that were separate from all the others and looked quite different too. She explained to me that one would have allowed me to choose for how much time I would have kept my new form once outside of the store, while the other would have altered my personality however I wished, giving me all the skills and knowledge necessary to act and live like a perfect girl. Thrilled like I had never been before I thanked the lady and rushed to the dials. My hands were shaking as I started to scroll through all the countless options the displays were offering me. My mind was flooded with questions. For how much do I want to stay a girl? A day? A week? Months? …Forever? How will I explain the situation to my girlfriend? How will she take the news that I have willingly decided to turn myself into a girl? But all those question were secondary compared to all the ones that went into my mind as I looked at all the options available in the personality settings. Not only I could have changed myself into a girl for however long I wished, I could have given myself a completely different personality. A completely different life! All those options… “ditzy”, “trashy”, “sorority”… “slutty”. Which one to pick? Which one..?

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