15 January 2018

Groove is in the heart

Based on an idea by Wakka :) Hope you'll like it!

Ever got a song stuck in your head? I bet you had, who hasn’t? That melody, that bassline, that irritating although irresistibly catchy earworm that gets stuck in your brain and then follows you for the whole day. You just can’t get rid of it, doesn’t matter whether you like it or not. Well, imagine how it would be to have a song stuck within your entire body.

I stumbled on that mp3 player weeks ago now, and my life hasn’t been the same ever since. My very body hasn’t been the same ever since! When I found it laying on the sidewalk I was for some reason immediately intrigued by it. Mp3s are basically a relic of the past nowadays, who even uses mp3s when there are apps like Spotify. Well, for whatever reason I was fascinated by it, and with no second thought I popped the headphones and played the first song. To my disappointed it was one of those awful bro-country songs that have plagued the radio stations for years now. Just awful. I wanted to stop it and play something else, but apparently the playlist consisted entirely of country songs. As I scrolled through it in search for something more enjoyable, I surprised myself finding the song strangely catchy, even kind of enjoyable. Could that be that I never really took the time to listen to that genre properly? That may very well have been the case, since by that point I was completely hooked to it. I was getting really pumped up in fact, I wanted to get in my car and go to the river in search for some hot babe with long legs. I felt the irresistible crave for some beer, which was very strange considering that I didn’t even like beer all that much. At first I didn’t realize it, but it wasn’t only my taste in music and beverages that had changed. My whole body had transformed. I was now significantly taller and more ripped than I had ever been. I would have not looked out of place at all in one of those music videos full of cocky country bros. I should have been startled, if not downright scared, but I actually felt hyped and ready for a party. So I got in my car and plugged in the mp3 so I could keep listening to songs that would get me in the right mood.

As I drove to god knows where, I kept shuffling through the playlist listening to one bro-country song after the other, until suddenly a Merle Haggar song started playing. Wow, that was a total killjoy! I wanted to skip it, and yet its laid-back mood was strangely captivating, and the lyrics about the hardships of the common man were surprisingly relatable. As I kept listening to it, indulging in its moody and yet uplifting feeling, my body changed once again. I was now older, and a rough beard had grown on my face. Suddenly the idea of partying wasn’t that much appealing anymore. I would have gladly just chugged a couple of beers with the guys, but first I had to get to work. I couldn’t just mess around like all those kids do nowadays, that’s how America got ruined! I felt kind of ashamed of my car. Why didn’t I just bought something more useful and reliable like a truck instead of this tin can?

For the following days I kept listening to all that classic country rock, until one day to my surprise I stumbled into a Taylor Swift song. Why did I have that in my playlist? Sure, she was quite popular on the country charts a while back, but blonde teenage girls singing about their troubles with boys weren’t exactly my thing. I was about to move past it, but suddenly I didn’t feel like doing it anymore. It was quite catchy after all, and it felt really sincere and comforting. I kept listening to it, and after a while my body changed again. My beard disappeared along with all of my body hair, leaving behind a soft and smooth skin and a cute delicate visage, while my hair grew way past my shoulders and turned a bright blonde. My whole body was slowly getting slender, frail and petite as I started to become younger and younger. After a while I had basically no muscle left in my body, but surprisingly enough I felt really energetic. As the music swelled and Taylor kept singing about her Romeo taking her away to live their forbidden love (how romantic, how I wish I could have a love like that), two modest mounds of flesh appeared on my chest, while down in my pants my dick disappeared into my body, leaving behind a slit that I suddenly felt burning with young desire. God how I love this song! Any song by Taylor Swift really! She really gets it, she knows how hard it is for us teenage girls. As soon as I got home I got rid of all that awful old music on my mp3 and filled my playlist with Taytay’s discography. That was all I needed.

As weeks went by I kept listening to her music, and I loved every second of it. I related so much to her being annoyed by her exes, and even though it was quite jarring when she switched to a sound that was definitely more pop, I actually liked it a lot. Suddenly I felt the need to party and enjoy myself more, I had enough of just staying in my room dreaming for my perfect love. I would have gone wild, fuck what haters may have said. I was young, wild, and free! As long as I had my music I would have had all I needed. Now that I think about it my playlist could use some other songs to freshen it up a bit. Taytay is the best, sure, but adding some other artists will not hurt. Who could I pick though? Mmmmm… maybe I could start listening to same Katy Perry. She had a beef with Taylor, sure, but I wonder if I’ll like her music. Maybe some Ke$ha too. I’m don’t like her latest songs, all that much, but I remember her earlier stuff being pretty great to party and have fun.

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