14 May 2018

A hard day - Part 2: Ashley

The bathroom was filled with steam. The hot water had been running in the shower for a good five minutes by that point, but Ashley was still standing there, immobile in front of the toilet seat, with her eyes fixated on the appendix hanging from her groin. Despite her original intentions she just couldn’t master the courage to grab John’s dick, her dick, to pee.

Up until that point she tried to not even touch it, always sitting down to urinate throughout the day. She really didn’t want to even leave her apartment, but she couldn’t skip class that day, so she unwillingly dressed up to head to the campus. Having woken up to find his boyfriend’s penis completely erect was scary enough, and trying to get dressed with it not willing to go down was extremely difficult. She resorted to dress up in a skirt, since the leggings and the skin-tight jeans she usually wore couldn’t possibly hide the bulge she now had between her legs. The pantyhose she wore helped to keep it flat on her belly, but it felt so uncomfortable, and she felt ridiculous sitting down in the subway with her legs wide open trying not to squeeze her new balls. She felt like she couldn’t even walk properly with that thing constantly getting in the way.

When she got home she just wanted to go back to bed and never get up again, but she was dying for a shower. As she entered the bathroom she thought to herself that she might as well at least have tried to pee standing up. That should have been one of the advantages of now having a penis after all, and she had to admit that she was pretty curious to experience it. However now that she was standing there she couldn’t even bring herself to touch it.

She was so mad! She didn’t deserve to end up in that situation! It was all John’s fault! How could she have known that by starting a relationship with him she would have become the target of a witch’s Revenge?

The day prior, when they were walking back home from campus together, they saw his ex girlfriend waiting for them at the end of the road. Ashley was prepared for a jealous rant, like she had been warned by John she may have had to endure, but that bitch was just standing there, smirking. And as they got closer she started to chant something in a strange language, waving her hands around. She looked ridiculous. Ashley was about to start laughing at her, when she suddenly felt something growing down in her groin. As she saw a bulge form between her legs she screamed in terror turning towards her boyfriend, who was holding his crotch with a terrified look on his face. <<Where did it go?! What’s happening?!>>

His ex started laughing maliciously. <<This is my revenge on both of you for having been dumped! I have used a curse to exchange your genitals! Now the choice is up to you. You can either leave the rest of your lives as freaks with swapped genitals, or you can have sex with each other. If you will both orgasm, the transformation will complete and you will turn into each other, so you can lead normal lives again, only with your role exchanged. That’s what you get for messing with me! Goodbye forever!>>. And just like that she ran away, nowhere to be found.

This was unbelievable. How could magic be real?

Now the urge to pee was getting too strong to keep holding it back. So she let out a sigh and unwillingly grabbed that weird thing. The soft touch of her feminine hands felt disturbingly good, as did the feeling of urine coming out of her boyfriend’s cock. She felt relieved, but couldn’t help to be grossed out by it all. When she finished she shook her new genitals like she knew boys did, and she rushed under the shower. The water was steaming hot, and it took her a couple of seconds to get used to it. But as the hot water ran over her body, she felt a pressure growing down between her legs. She looked down in terror, as she saw her dick starting to grow, getting longer and stiffer, feeling the skin around it getting tight. It felt so strange.

<<Nonono! Stay down!>> she yelled. But it was now completely erect. She grabbed it, trying to bend it back down. Just toughing it felt so strangely pleasant. She stared at it for another couple of seconds. “Maybe I could try this thing out since for now I’m stuck with it. It couldn’t hurt.”

So she took it firmly in her hand and started to slowly stroke it. It felt rough, so she got some soap to make her hand go smoother over it. As she went back and forth with her hand she felt it pulsating. It was so strange to even think that that thing was attached to her. But it felt so pleasant, so extraordinarily good. She somehow felt so powerful with that big veiny shaft protruding forward. She increased the pacing with which she was stroking it, covering it all with foam, as she felt a pressure slowly start to build. She felt it pulsate harder and harder as she realized that she was about to come. “I can’t hold back!”.

Suddenly all her muscles contracted and she let out a muffled grunt of pleasure, and a spurt of white, thick cum erupted from her genitals, hitting the wall. Then another one and another one after that. She breathed out finally relaxing, as warm drops of semen were dripping from the tip of her dick. She felt it slowly soften and shrink in her hand, unable to let it go. That was incredible.

But what will she do? Will she reconcile with the idea of becoming a man forever? Will she be able to actually have sex with her boyfriend, who was going around with her old pussy between his legs?

Just the thought made her shiver, but she couldn’t help to imagine how good it would have felt to fuck a pussy with her new cock. It was so wrong, but it also felt so right.

Overwhelmed by those thoughts she quickly finished washing herself and got out of the shower. Soon John will be back from practice. Then they will discuss their predicament once again. They had to find a solution to all that. Another day like that would just have been unbearable.

As she slipped into her bathrobe she felt it rub against her now sensitive penis. She looked down at it once again. Will she ever get used to it?

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