13 May 2018

Exceeding the dose

<<Well, there goes our first night out as girls! What were you thinking? I told you not to drink too much! Our bodies are much more petite and frail now. We can’t handle alcohol as well as we used to do as guys.>>
<<I have not drunk so much! I swear! I just had a beer, and then Mike offered me a drink. What should I have done, refuse it? Plus I’m not even tipsy, I swear! I just feel so bad!>>
<<Well, I’m telling you, if because of you Josh gets impatient and gets away with someone who isn’t me, consider our friendship over! You will be on your own next time you get yourself this wasted!>>
<<I told you! I’m not drunk!>>
<<Then why are you like this?>>
<<I don’t know! Maybe it was the potion.>>
<<Nonsense. I took it just like you and I’m feeling perfectly fine. I feel fabulous in fact, and I would love to get back to the party and hopefully get lucky with that beefcake. It can’t have been the potion to reduce you like this.>>
<<Maybe… Ow! Maybe I took too much of it.>>
<<What do you mean? Didn’t you take a dose just like I did?>>
<<Well… Fuck! I… I took double the dose.>>
<<What?! What the fuck is wrong with you? Why did you do that?>>
<<I don’t know! I… I just thought it would have had a stronger effect! Make me prettier, or something.>>
<<You dumbass, look at what you’ve done! You don’t mess with magic potions so nonchalantly! You don’t know what the consequences might be!>>
<<Oh god! I feel awful! What’s going to happen to me?>>
<<I… I don’t know! I haven’t made the potion! I just bought it! I don’t know what to do!>>
<<Fuck! I… I think I’m about to…>>
<<What? What’s happening now?>>
<<Holy shit!>>
<<Oh… Oh god! Oh fuck! What the fuck is this?>>
<<Well, that potion sure is powerful. It even made your puke all pretty and perfumed.>>

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