24 May 2018


“Oh god oh god oh god! Dammit! How the fuck did I end up in this situation?!

This is ridiculous! I’m forced to hide in my own wardrobe! I can’t even move for fear of making the faintest noise! Hell, I’m even afraid to breathe! What if he hears me? What’s going to happen if he catches us? He can become a frigging maniac when he gets jealous, and I sure as hell do not want him to find out about my infidelity, let alone have to confront him as a man.

What should I do now? I don’t hear them talking anymore. Maybe he managed to lead him out of the room. Maybe now it is safe for me to come out. No wait! I think I can hear something. Are those… moans? I swear I can hear him grunt. What the hell is happening?! That’s it, I can’t just keep staying literally in the dark! I have to at least take a peek, as dangerous as it may be.

Oh my god… Oh my god! He’s blowing him! What the hell! He’s sucking his cock while in my body! Is that how he planned to fool him?! Fucking dumbass! He should have just lead him out of the room and distract him with some excuse, not fucking give him a blowjob! Fucking idiot!

What is he doing? He’s signaling me to stay hidden. You fucking moron! I should storm out of this closet and get my body back immediately, you fucking pervert! How did he even come up with this plan?! Sure, he came home early right when we were getting down to it, and we had to think fast, but this is just too fucked up! That’s my body he’s inhabiting, and that is my boyfriend he is sucking off! This is just too much! I swear to god, as soon as this story will be over I’m breaking up with both of them for good! I don’t ever want to see neither of them again! My boyfriend and my lover having some sexy time together… what a nice fucking picture!

Stupid remote! I should have just gone looking for a different lover when I got tired of this one, instead of trying to spice things up in the bedroom with some body swap technology. This should have been a nice chance to experience what it is like to be a man, and instead I’m forced to stay hidden watching that fag blowing off that asshole! And he seems to be enjoying it quite a bit too! Look at how deep he is getting it in his throat. My bf is sure going to have a good time. I have not given him head ever since we started dating since I find the mere idea repulsive.

What’s this feeling now? What the hell is happening? Am I… am I getting hard?! Holy shit… This is it, I will have to go to some psychiatrist after this experience! I’m getting hard watching my own body sucking off my bf! I sure hope he is going to finish off soon, because I don’t know for how much longer I will be able to endure all of this!"

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