24 May 2018

Getting ready

Well well well… what to choose? There are so many possibilities, so many outfits to pick from.

Let’s see, I could opt for my yellow sun dress with the peep-toe heels. Or perhaps the blue strapless one and the t-straps. Maybe I should just let go of the dresses and go for a skirt instead. Skirts are a lot of fun too. I could wear a mini, or maybe a circle one. And I could coordinate it with a blouse, or a button-up shirt. I can have so much fun just playing with the buttons, deciding to leave just enough of them unbuttoned so that my cleavage is well exposed, and maybe my bra is in sight. It is so satisfying after all to finally fill properly all the bras I have bought. I’m so proud of my new rack, I want everyone to stare at it and remain transfixed by my beauty.

So many shoes, so many clothes. I spent so much money, so much time hoarding them in my closet, just to play dress-up every once in a while and never go out in them to let everyone see how good I looked. Just thinking about it makes me so sad. But those days are over. I can stop hiding now, and just bask in my femininity and be happy for how beautiful I am. I can really be myself now that I finally got myself one of those bodysuits. It’s amazing how real it feels, how soft my skin now is, how these breasts feel like they are and have always been a part of me. I love my new body, my long hair, my cute face, my plump forms. I can’t wait to attire it in all of my beautiful outfits and come out to the world as a girl. Not cross-dressing, but dressing. God it feels so good to be a woman!

It’s a bummer that my favorite red dress just won’t fit me properly now that I have this plump ass. I bought it so that it would have reached just past my tights as a guy, but with my new forms it runs just too far up my hips. As much as I want to show my new body off, this may be just a little too much. I want to entice, to seduce, and to show just enough of my new form so that all eyes will be on me while not looking like some cheap whore. Oh well, I have a lot more clothes to choose from. So many possibilities. I just can’t wait!

I want to get to a bar and just wait for someone to start hitting on me. I want to play the flirt with all the cute guys that will try to pick me up. And I want to properly try my new body out. They say that the suit makes you completely anatomically correct, and I can’t deny that what I now have between my legs really does look and feel like an actual pussy. But I want to find out how faithful it really is. They say that having sex in a bodysuit can end up making it impossible to remove, but I’ll be careful, I’ll use protection. And even if I end up getting stuck like this forever, would that really be that bad of a thing?

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