17 May 2018

Two can play that game

<<Yeah! You like it don’t you?>>
<<*Anf!* Wait!>>
<<I… *Pant!* I think we’re not well in the frame. Move a bit to the left.>>
<<Bitch you serious?! We’re having sex and you thinking ‘bout the video?>>
<<Just do as I say! You’re here just to make my ex jealous. I want to show her that I don’t mind at all the fact that she turned me into a girl and then dumped me. I want her to watch as I have sex with her new man.>>
<<Whatever. Let’s just get down to business now.>>
<<And I don’t want you to call me bitch. I’m the one in charge here. In fact, don’t say anything unless I say you otherwise. Now tell me, do you think I’m beautiful?>>
<<Yeah gurl! *Anf!* You damn fine!>>
<<Do you think I’m better than that bitch?>>
<<Yeah! You so sexy, and tight!>>
<<Heard that Stacy? You made me a favor when you changed me! Now I’m way more beautiful than you! *Pant!* And I’m stealing your man! Two can play that game! Enjoy the view you whore! *Anf!* Ooooh! Fuck yes!>>

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