10 May 2018

The right generation

A very fun and creative request by Lady Stardust :)
George had just got home from work, tired and annoyed, in desperate need for some kind of break. He hated his job, but he needed to take whatever he could find while he kept looking for something better, if he wanted to move out of his parent’s house soon. Ever since he dropped out of college he had to go back living with them, and the more time went by the more embarrassing and unbearable the situation was getting. But there were some pros to all of that. For instance he really liked the fact that his dad’s sound system was simply amazing compared to what he was used to in his dorm, and whenever he would get home from work he always had about an hour or so when he could have put on his favorite music and zone out and relax for a bit forgetting his troubles.

He took out the second Led Zeppelin’s album, one of his absolute favorites, and as Robert Plant started singing Whole Lotta Love he throw himself on the couch and let the music transport him to another world. He absolutely loved that kind of music. It was a whole other level compared to whatever crap the radio would usually play. It really seemed like in that age there wasn’t room for more kick-ass rock acts like those of the 70s, and George often felt like he was born in the wrong generation. At least he had his albums, and he could always find a moment during the day when he could pretend he was actually at a concert of his favorite bands.

The noise of the front door opening made him snap out of his state of relaxation, and then he saw his mother entering the living room. He groaned irritated. It looked like the fun was over for that day. <<Ah, Led Zeppelin! This really brings me back!>>. “Here we go again.” he thought to himself. Every single time his mother would catch him listening to music she would start to annoy him with memories from her youth. She would tell him how as a teen she used to be a diehard fan of Led Zeppelin, how she used to listen to their LPs over and over again, how obsessed she was with their music, and how she used to have a crush on Robert Plant. And of course she never failed to tell him about that time she went to one of their concerts in where she met George’s dad and consequently fell in love. There was a time when George used to like those stories. He really enjoyed listening to his parents telling how amazing the concert was, and really envied them for having had the chance to catch them perform live in their prime. However by that point he was tired of hearing same story for the 100th time, and he really wished his mom would just shut up and let him keep listening to his music. One thing had not changed however after all those years. He still really envied her for having lived during those times, and he would have given just about anything to have the chance to live out such an experience.

He took the CD out of the player and moved to his room. The sound system he had there was a lot worse than the one in the living room, but at least there he would have had a bit of privacy. He put the CD on, closed his eyes, and started to zone out as the riff started. However there was something weird that time around. The music felt somehow much more hypnotic than usual, and after a while he started to feel dizzy, and felt like he was floating. It really felt like he was being transported to a different place, and he found himself unable to snap out of that strange kind of trance. Suddenly the music changed. The song kept going, but it sounded different. It was much louder, and the sound quality felt somehow cheaper, and the strangest thing was that he could hear a lot of noises that were not part of the song, like he was in the middle of a crowd. He opened his eyes confused, and remained dumbfounded as he discovered that he was indeed now in the middle of a huge crowd. All around him countless people were cheering, and screaming, and singing along, and looking up in front of him there was a band playing on a stage. He still was dizzy and dazed, and felt like he was in some very vivid dream. And yet it all seemed so unbelievably real. And as incredible as it was, there was no doubt that the singer in front of him was Robert Plant, just like he always saw him in his posters and in the old recordings of Led Zeppelin’s concerts. Somehow his wish had come true. He was witnessing a live performance of his favorite band.

It was amazing. He was just too thrilled to question what had happened, and before he could even realize it he was cheering, and screaming, and singing along as well, completely absorbed by the incredible performance. But as he started to sing his heart out to the music, he realized that his voice sounded weird. It was high pitched, even womanly, and only then he started to become aware of all the strange feeling his body was sending him. He felt long hair brush against his shoulders, and fabric brushing against his bare and smooth legs, and something bounce on his chest as he moved, and when he finally looked down at himself he saw a pair of round and firm breasts, and realized that he was wearing some kind of strange dress, and that down in his crotch all he could feel was an unsettling void.

Immediately he started to panic, frantically feeling his body with his shaking hands, and there was no doubt that all of that was real. Those were real breasts hanging from his chest, and he really had soft and sensitive skin, and long wavy hair, and his crotch was flat. Scared he tried to get out of that mayhem, making his way through the huge crowd, and when he finally got to a slightly quieter place he could finally catch some breath and try to calm down and figure out what had happened. He started to search for some clues inside the purse he had around his shoulder, and finally found a compact mirror. He opened it and looked at the reflection, and felt his heart skip a beat as he saw a beautiful young woman staring back at him. But even more unsettling was the fact that that girl seemed somehow very familiar. She really looked like a younger version of his mother. He searched again inside of the purse until he found a student ID, and as he read the name written on it he had the dreadful confirmation of what had happened. Somehow he had just travelled back in time to a Led Zeppelin concert just like he wished. Only the catch was that he was now trapped in the body of his mom when she was 18 years old and she went seeing her favorite band play live.

Shocked and in complete panic he started to shake and breathe heavily, trying to not start to freak out uncontrollably, but as he tried to regain control of himself he was interrupted by someone. <<Are you okay girl?>>. Startled he turned around and saw a tall guy looking concerned at him. <<Bad trip uh? Here, have some water, it will help.>>. The guy handed him a bottle of water, which George took in his hand unsure and still very unsettled and weirded out by what was happening. He suddenly realized that he was indeed also dying of thirst at the moment, so he chugged down the content of the bottle, which in fact did help him calm down a bit. The stranger seemed pleased to see him a bit relieved, and then he put a hand on his shoulder and spoke to him in a reassuring tone. <<Come on let’s get back in there. You are missing an amazing show.>>. Before George could do anything to resist he found himself being lead back in the middle of the crowd, and soon he was being squeezed between countless people unable to do anything to escape that situation. It was a really distressing situation to be caught in the middle of that sea of people, and he was doing his best to fight for some vital space, but to no avail due to his now much weaker and frailer body. He suddenly felt himself being lifted up, and before he could realize it he found himself high in the hair with the crowd below him and the stage straight in front of his eyes. He looked down trying to understand what was happening, and realized that the mysterious guy had just lifted him over his shoulders to help him see the concert. It was so weird to be treated like that, but he had to admit that he was glad he was out of that chaos. No matter how much he tried to stay focused, his head just would not stop spinning. He realized that whatever that strange feeling was, it had less to do with a sense of vertigo due to the time travel experience, and was most likely due to the fact that his mom was probably already drunk, if not high, when he suddenly found himself trapped in her body. It was all simply too much to take in, and the music was so good, and he could feel an adrenaline rush going through his body. In the end he could not help but give up and start to enjoy himself. As disturbing as all of that was, he could not deny that he was very thrilled of having finally the chance to see his favorite band of all time play live right in front of him, and so he just started enjoying the concert as much as he could. It was the most amazing experience of his life.

He was indeed pretty disappointed when the concert came to an end, and suddenly he had to come back to the frightening reality where he was still trapped in his mom’s body. It was only then that the guy finally introduced himself. <<I’m John, nice to meet you.>> John? That was… his father’s name! So that was the fatal night when his parents first met at a concert. He had heard that story countless times in the past, and all the details corresponded to what he had been told. He was reliving his mother’s youth, and that was the moment when his father invited her to join him in his van. He knew exactly where things were about to go, and the mere thought made him shiver with fear. But what was he supposed to do? He had no idea how he ended up in that situation, nor did he know what the consequences would have been if he tried to change the course of the events and turned down his father’s invitation. For what he knew if he did so he may have ended up changing the course of history and making it so that he was never even born in the future. So he just passively went along with the events, while countless thoughts were going through his head, and before he could even realize it he was sitting in his father van sharing a joint with him. He knew that it was probably better to stay as clear headed as possible, but at the same time he felt like he needed to be as high as possible in order to not start to freak out. Suddenly a hand grabbed the back of his head, and before he could do anything he found himself kissing John, his tongue almost forcing itself inside of his mouth, and his hand caressing his smooth leg and groping his ass from under the dress. He wanted to fight back, but it was like he was once again in a strange trance where he was unable to resist, and suddenly his limbs went numb and his mind seemed to fade away. All thoughts seemed to disappear as he felt a warm and pleasant sensation down in his groin, and almost without realizing it he started to return the kiss. Whatever had happened to him, something snapped in his mind as their lips met, and for the following hours George completely forgot who he was, and went on to live the most magical and incredible night of his mother’s life.


  1. amazing job. you really knocked it out the park with this one absolutely love it

  2. it's fantastic how little by little she got into the role of her own mother n///n