14 May 2018

A hard day - Part 3: Giving in

John and Ashley were standing still in the dimly lit bedroom, just looking at each other. They couldn’t help but feel uneasy now that they were facing each other naked for the first time after having spent the entire day trying to hide to the world the changes they went through. John muscular body looked grotesque with a vagina now placed where Ashley was used to see his dick, as did Ashley with her new appendage contrasting with her petite frail figure. They were both trying to resist the urge to cover up. But even thought they felt embarrassed by their genitals they knew that they were in this together, and that there was only one thing to do. But would they have found the courage to go all the way with it?

A few hours earlier, when John arrived at Ashley’s apartment, he found her getting out of her room, having just got dressed after her shower. As their eyes met Ashley couldn’t help but start crying, letting out all the frustration of that day. She ran towards John to hug him and he took her between his arms, holding her tight and trying to comfort her. But it was difficult for him to soothe her sadness when he wanted to melt down as well after that awful day. So they just sat there on her couch, holding each other in complete silence except for the muffled sobs coming from Ashley.

As the day left room to the night they finally started to discuss their situation. It couldn’t go on like that. Neither of them could have endured another day like the one they just had. But what could they have done? John’s ex was nowhere to be found, and even if they did find her who knew what she could possibly have done to them after what she already did. But what other options did they have? There was no way they could have actually given in and done the only thing that could save them from living the rest of their lives like that.

It took them a while to come to that decision. They argued and they yelled at each other, they cried and comforted each other, but both of them knew that there was only one thing to be done.

And so now there they were, in Ashley’s bedroom, still uncertain if they could make it. And both of them, despite being scared, could not admit to the other, or even to themselves, what they secretly felt deep down. After all how could they confess that that afternoon they had both masturbated with their new genitals and that they were now eager for more? They were dying to feel like that again!

It was Ashley who first took John by the hand and led him to the bed. They leaned on it and hugged, their eyes fixated on each other. John reached between Ashley’s legs, touching his former cock. That was insane, but there was no going back. He started to stroke it, feeling it getting stiffer and bigger, while Ashley started to moan quietly. Suddenly John realized that stroking her girlfriend’s dick was starting to arouse him. He imagined that shaft entering him and fucking his new pussy, and he felt it starting to get wet. As Ashley realized that, she reached with her dainty hand for what used to be her pussy, and started to gently rub the clit. As he felt that touch, John immediately winced, and Ashley reached to kiss his neck. The soft touch of her lips calmed him down and he laid back again, feeling her hand rubbing all over his now completely wet cunt. They both started to pant and moan for the pleasure as they kept touching each other. Finally they both felt they couldn’t hold back anymore.

Ashley climbed on top John’s body, now lying over him. They looked straight in the eyes. They both had a frightened expression, feeling their genitals touching for the first time. But their eyes also reflected the lust that was taking over. Ashley pressed her dick against John’s pussy, feeling it squeeze inside of it, trying to dig its way. John felt a slight pain, and spread his legs and reached with his hands to widen the labia to allow Ashley’s cock to enter. He finally felt it gat deeper and deeper inside of him, and gasped, experiencing a pleasure like he never felt before. That was incredible! Even better than what he felt a few hours earlier in the shower! Ashley’s as well was now in pure ecstasy. His boyfriend’s tight pussy felt amazing, and she started to hump him harder and faster, reaching with her cock all the way up to his cervix.

Suddenly they felt the physical changes start to affect them, as they both felt a tingling sensation all over their bodies. The thick beard that grew over John’s face during the day started to retreat inside his skin, as did all of his body hair, leaving behind a soft and smooth skin, while Ashley felt hair growing everywhere over her legs, her chest, her face. Ashley’s beloved curls started to shorten, while flocks of curly brown hair were cascading down John’s shoulders.

John was now holding tight to Ashley’s back as she kept fucking him harder and harder. He felt his muscles shrink and his arms getting weaker, while Ashley’s shoulder starter to become larger and more muscular.

As the pleasure started to build down in his groin he clenched with his legs around Ashley’s waist. He felt his hips widen with every thrust while by now Ashley’s hourglass figure had left place to a much more muscular and masculine body. John felt so frail and small, while Ashley’s felt strong and powerful, completely dominating her boyfriend.

Suddenly she felt like she was chocking as something grew inside her throat. She let out a grunt in a voice that wasn’t her own while below her John was letting out feminine cries of pleasure.

She saw his nipples widen and getting hard, as two mounds of flesh started to slowly grow on his chest. A few seconds later two voluptuous breasts had developed on John’s chest, while Ashley’s tits had shrank inside her body leaving behind two firm pecks.

By now the transformation was almost complete. They felt their facial feature readjust to mimic that of the other. They barely noticed all this, completely possessed by lust, and despite hurting they were almost blind to these changes, their bodies having lost all senses except desire. Ashley was overwhelmed by the feeling of being so powerful, and John was just as much thrilled of feeling completely at the mercy of the man above him. It was like Ashley was fucking John’s manhood out of him.

She suddenly felt a familiar pressure grow, down in her groin. <<H… Honey! I… I think I’m almost there!>> she said talking for the first time with John’s voice. John jolted. He was barely able to control his breathe now, panting for the fatigue and the pleasure. <<W… Wait! We have to both reach the orgasm! I feel like I’m about to come too!>>. His pussy was now burning.

<<Yes!  Yes! Yes!>> he cried out, arching his back as he gasped and jolted for the overwhelming sensation of reaching climax. Ashley’s body stiffened and she shut her eyes as she felt her dick shooting a load of warm sperm inside her boyfriend’s pussy. It felt incredible.

Ashley collapsed on the girl below her, tired for the physical effort. She rolled and leaned by John’s side, who was staring at the ceiling, feeling the soreness of his pussy with cum dripping out of it.

They both laid there in silence for a few moments, pondering their situation. So this was going to be their new lives from that point on?

John, now Ashley, looked around at what was going to be his room starting from that night, and wondered if he now had now to wake up in the morning to attend her classes and continue her brilliant academic career.

Ashley, now John, was also reflecting on her new status. Could she pursue John’s dream of becoming a professional player? She was never fond of sports, but now that she had that muscular body the least she could do was to at least try to continue to play ‘till the end of the season.

Finally they looked at each other, exhausted. The incredible pleasure they just experienced had left room again to the fear and the insecurity. But they somehow found comfort in each other‘s eyes. They would have had a lot to get used to, and the thought of giving up their old lives was depressing. But when their eyes met they instantly knew that despite everything they had to go through, they would always have had each other from that point on.

They both smiled and hugged each other. Ashley leaned her head on John’s chest and closed her eyes, feeling his hand starting to caress her head tenderly. They had to rest now. It had been a hard day after all.

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  1. I remember this back from open tg. It's so great to see it again :D