21 May 2018

New life

Finale requested by Lisamcd21 ^-^
<<So Bambi, do you like the body I’ve chosen for you for this weekend?>>
<<Yes Mr. Manson. I like it a lot.>>
<<Wonderful! It’s been a while since last time you’ve been a blonde. I think this is one of the best I picked so far. I can’t wait to try it out. But in the meantime, why don’t you sunbathe a bit? You look pretty pale. I think a bit of tan would suit that stunning body of yours.>>
<<Yes Mr. Manson.>>
<<I’ll be right back with some champagne. We’re going to have so much fun on this trip Bambi.>>

“God I hate when he calls me like that! And he knows it very well, so he doesn’t waste a chance to hammer it in whenever he can. He enjoys treating me like a dumb bimbo, and there’s nothing I can do besides enduring it. I regret so much the moment I picked that stupid name for myself! And there’s so much more I regret.

In the end he got me cornered. After that fatal night in which he first fucked me into submission in his limo, I had no choice but to become his obedient eye candy and follow him around everywhere. After all not only did he hold the only thing capable of giving me back my life, but he also had my wife. She was arrested that same night for having broken into Mr. Manson penthouse to search for the Medallion, and she would have ended up in prison if I didn’t do as he told me. In the end he paid her bail and didn’t press charges, but just because I agreed to become his trophy wife. I have not seen her ever since. I miss her so much.

From that day on he just kept me around, buying clothes for me left and right from fashion houses and workshops in order to transform me into the models who wore them. I’m progressively losing every sense of identity. How can someone who used to be a woman be so nonchalant about treating me like nothing more than a pretty face? I guess she just really enjoys having someone completely in his power. He even stopped changing back into a woman like he used to do at first every once in a while. I on the other hand have never been allowed to be a man. I can barely recall how it feels.

The worst part is that I have very little to lament. Sure, living like this is humiliating and all, but I can’t deny that I’m living a better life than I could have ever hoped for. All my life now is nothing but luxurious yachts, and fancy cars, and sumptuous apartments, and trips. I’m living the good life. And even though I had to give up my old life for it, the more I think about it, the more I feel like I don’t mind it at all. Even being his personal fuck-toy doesn’t bother me all that much. He always choses great bodies for him, always handsome, and muscular. And sex as a woman is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. Plus as long as I can transform through magic I don’t have to worry about ever losing my beauty, getting fat, or getting old. I can just spend the rest of my life in wealth and luxury. But can I really just passively accept it all? I mean, despite everything I’m still myself, right? The more time passes, the more I’m unsure about it.

He’s back with the champagne. He has already transformed. I see that he has chosen a brand new body this time, which means that he’s probably eager to try it out. Well, like always I can’t deny that he has picked a handsome hunk. He has taste for male bodies just as much as he has for female ones. I guess it’s going to be a very busy night. And I can already feel my body quiver with anticipation for it. I can never tell whether it is my body that reacts on its own, or if it is my mind that is playing tricks on me. All I know is that I can’t wait to find out what he’s packing down there.”

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  1. At least she's pretty and treated like a queen....

    On the other hand, I hope your old wife is all right.

    at least he's not in jail anymore.

    I hope you have the opportunity to be together again in the future.