07 May 2018

One last drink

<<Good evening miss!>>
<<Good evening Charlie. I’ll take the usual, thanks.>>
<<I’m sorry miss, I’m afraid that will no longer be possible.>>
<<…what does this mean?>>
<<Well, miss, unfortunately you have reached your limit.>>
<<A… already?>>
<<I’m afraid so miss. 30 drinks. For 30 nights you have honored us with your delightful presence and you’ve enjoyed our bar service. As you already know our special TG drinks can’t be taken for more than 30 doses without having major consequences on your genetic structure. So I’m afraid I can’t serve you the usual this night.>>
<<Then… what should I do now?>>
<<Well, that’s up to you miss. I have two drinks ready for you. Here.>>
<<What… do they do?>>
<<Oh, I’m sure you know that very well already, but I will gladly explain.
As the color suggests, the blue one will turn you back into a man. As you can see the glass is bigger. That’s because if you want to be a man again you’re going to need an extra dose of recombining RNA to rewrite your altered genoma.
If you drink the pink one on the other hand, your testosterone receptors are going to stay inhibited forever, and you will be a woman for the rest of your life.>>
<<And what if I take neither?>>
<<Well, I encourage you to avoid that. Your genetic structure has been sensibly altered in the past month, and now your DNA needs to be stabilized again. If you don’t do so, that may have terrible consequences, and lead to genetic illnesses. I suggest you weight your options well and take a decision within the night. The choice is up to you.>>

“Fuck. What do I do now? I knew this day would have arrived sooner or later, but I didn’t realize I was so close to the fatal day. I must have really lost my sense of time lately. I just had so much fun. But now I have to make my choice. For a month I’ve been going back and forth to being a woman, experiencing how amazing it is to be female. This club is the best place in the world, there are so many people that just like me were… curious, and eager to find out how the world feels experienced from the other side. I had the time of my life here, dancing and socializing with my new girl friends, and flirting and experimenting with the women-turned-men. This last week has been one of the best of my life. The TG drinks have already altered my genetic structure so much that I didn’t even turn back into a man for the whole week. An entire week spent as a woman. It really made me like the idea of living like this forever. But now that the time has come, I can’t bring myself to take such and extreme decision. I don’t know if I can actually give up my life as a man forever, but I’m also afraid that if I don’t chug that sweet, tempting, pink drink I’m going to regret it for all my life. The night is still young, and I have time to ponder my decision. But it is just so, SO hard! What would someone else do in my place?”

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