11 May 2018


“Why don’t you get out of your room sometimes?” “Why don’t you hang out with your friends more?”. God! The more things change, the more they stay the same. Even before my transformation they would never give me a break. Hell, I’d say that they are now even more annoying than before.

“It’s such a shame for a pretty girl like you to just stay shut in her room the whole day playing videogames”. Well, pretty or not this is what I love to do, and this is who I am! Just because I caught second puberty and turned into a girl, that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up my interests and just become some kind of pretty princess or whatever!
They were right about one thing though, girl clothes are much better than male ones. These stockings feel so good on my smooth legs, and skirts and dresses are so comfortable. I feel so pretty while wearing them. And I can’t deny that I make a pretty attractive girl overall. But that’s it! There’s nothing else I like about my new condition. Especially my new petite body.

Goddamit! Why are my hands so small?! I can’t even reach the buttons properly on my arcade stick to do the combos. I had to go back to this piece of shit game to have some practice, but it still feels so unnatural. I have to basically rearrange all my play-style if I want to have any chance against the pros. It’s going to take me so much time to get used to this. Are my days as a competitive player over?

No! I refuse to accept this! I will get good again. I won’t let the fact that I’m now a girl get in the way of my passion. They’ll see. I’ll become the best female Street Fighter competitive player that has ever existed. After all, the good thing about fighting games is that everyone can become a pro regardless of age, weight, or even gender.

Maybe I can use this situation to my advantage. I can practice with make-up and stuff like that to become so gorgeous that my opponents will get distracted. Hell, maybe just a revealing outfit to highlight my new cleavage will do the job. Maybe I can even use my new looks to make some money. Youtube is full of scantily clad female gamers that get a lot of money from patreons. Maybe I can become a twitch streamer. Is there an audience for girl gamers playing fighting games? I should seriously consider the possibility. But first I have to get good again! I don’t want to reaffirm the stereotype that girls are bad at videogames.

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