16 May 2018


Well, guess I got what I deserved. Being the master of the house and the one with the money is no reason to be an asshole. Ok, I learned my lesson. I regret having mistreated my maid Maria as I did.

I also regret having demanded for her to always wear heels as part of her uniform. What can I say, I just love how they push her ass up and make it look round and firm. I should have listened to her complaints, it really is difficult to walk around the house and do the chores while wearing these. They hurt so much after a short while.

I get it, a lot of things are going change after I get back to my body. I will be kinder and more considerate, and I will listen to my servant’s requests more. I’m also willing to endure my punishment as long as she deems it necessary. Literally walking in her shoes is really helping me understand her viewpoint.

I just wish she told me about her affair with Pablo, the gardener. Have they really been getting it on in my house for so long without me even noticing it? This is going a little bit too far I think, but I will let it slide. Everything to put an end to my punishment. But do I really have to do all that she would do? Is it not enough that I have been turned into the servant and that she gets to boss me around the whole day? Do I really also have to bend over and take it all like an obedient little whore?

I guess this is not all that bad actually. It definitely is much more pleasurable and much more fun than keeping the house tidy and clean. Who says I can’t take a little bit of enjoyment out of my punishment after all? Oh yes Pablo! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!

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  1. I confess that one of my greatest fantasies is to be a maid or change bodies with one of them. n///n

    That's why I really liked the story.

    - Other than that, I see the new maid is enjoying her relationship with the gardener very much. I suspect the pleasure will consume her and ask to remain like this forever.