22 May 2018


I’ll admit I took some… “extreme” measures this time around. I mean, there must have been a better solution. I could have used cameras, or maybe hire a detective. Anything really. What was I thinking when I decided to resort to magic?

A possession spell lasting three hours. “Perfect!” I thought. Just enough time to find out everything I needed. I’ll admit I’ve always been the jealous type, and often my fears turned out to be unfounded. <<If you can’t trust me then we can’t keep being a couple!>> she told me. Under such a threat, all the other solutions just seemed too impractical. What would have happened if she found out I was keeping my eyes on her? No, a spell was just what I needed. Three hours as her, just enough to see how she spent her afternoon. It is true that I’ve always been suspicious, but it was undeniable that she had started to act strange since she started that part-time job at the library. I knew there was something fishy going on. <<I just need something to distract me and to spend some time out of this house.>> she was constantly saying. Turns out I was completely right this time in being suspicious. Even though I wish I wasn’t.This is way more than what I hoped to find out. I just wanted to see how people around her acted, maybe look at her messages, or try to find out something by talking to people. Anything. I didn’t expect to catch her in the act of cheating on me.

It was all so sudden. One moment I was casting the spell in my office. The next I found myself on this table, with my legs flipped over while this guy was fucking my wife. Christ, I was getting fucked! It felt so strange. I felt my guts burning, and my pussy felt so soar. I could barely control my breath. I was panting, and moaning, striving to stay as quiet as possible as I was beginning to grasp what was happening. I was powerless. And suddenly that mixture of pain and unease I was experiencing was replaced by something that I welcomed with horror: pleasure. I was enjoying it. It felt incredible, like nothing I had ever experienced. I knew that that was wrong, that I should have just shaken that guy off of me and get the hell out of there as soon as possible. But I just couldn’t. I was going numb and I lost track of my thoughts. I came back to my senses only when he whispered to me <<Shhhh! Try to be quiet. We don’t want to be caught.>>

Apparently I was so much into it that I had started crying for the pleasure. Up until that point I didn’t even looked at him. I just caught glimpses of him while I was trying to realize what was happening, and as soon as the pleasure ensued I just laid there with my eyes closed. But now there I was, face to face with him, my eyes fixated into his. That face, that smile. I was so confused but then it hit me. I realized that I was his. So I just smiled and bit my lips, and then I clutched my smooth sexy legs around him, pulling him towards me, making his sweaty chest make contact with my soft breasts and pushing his dick deep inside of me.

“Fuck it!” I thought, “She has been cheating on me anyway. Since I’m here I might as well enjoy it while it lasts.”

And I enjoyed it. Oh how I enjoyed it. It was incredible. Unfortunately it didn’t take long for him to come. It was so strange to feel him shoot his load inside of me, but I found it also incredibly arousing. I didn’t reach climax, but it was ok. What I had just experienced was already amazing as it was. Now I got back to work here in the library, waiting for the effects of the spell to run out. It is kinda awkward, just staying here putting books back on the shelves while I can feel everybody staring at me. I guess my cries of pleasure were heard by more than a couple of people. Plus I can feel the smell of sex all over me, and my pussy feels so soar for all the humping. I have no idea for how much they have been doing it before I casted the spell. God, just thinking about what I’ve just been through is already getting me so wet. It is such an alien sensation, but I can’t get enough of it. I’ve always been the jealous type, but what I’m feeling now towards my wife is more akin to envy. I envy how good sex feels for her, and I envy how she gets to fuck that guy probably on a daily basis. There he is, across the hall. He’s so sexy. I want him. I still have about an hour left before I have to go back to my body. Maybe I can drag him to an empty room and have a second round. He should have recovered by now, and I’m eager to experience how a female orgasm feels before I go back to being myself. Later I will think whether or not to confront my wife about this. Maybe I can just leave these two be, and get myself a couple more of those spells. Or a whole bunch of them perhaps. It’s not really cheating if we’re both enjoying it after all.

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