13 May 2018


Nnnngh! *Anf!* No, it’s useless! This is just ridiculous. I can’t even lift the lightest weights I own. Hell, I think now I would struggle with even smaller weights! I’m a wimp! This body is so weak, and fragile. I feel completely powerless. Could I have ended up in a body more different from mine?

The great shift really screwed up with me. Sure, I guess it could always be worse. I could have ended up being sick, or old, or disabled. At least I’m still young and energetic. But still it’s almost like I have purposely got trapped in a body that’s the exact opposite of my male one. It’s so jarring to go from being a ripped male bodybuilder to a thin, petite girl. I feel so light, almost like I could break in half. I have almost no muscles on my arms and shoulders, and my pecs I was so proud of have been replaced with these gorgeous tits. God are they nice to look at! And they feel really good too. And don’t even get me started talking about how good masturbation is now. At first I was too scared and disturbed to even get close to my new parts. Hell, I couldn’t even bring myself to touch my pussy while I showered. But now it’s like I can’t stop! The female orgasm feels just too good!

And yet, I miss my old body. I miss my muscles, and the feeling of being strong and dominant. Now I am so powerless. It’s almost like my body is affecting my personality as well. I don’t feel ready at all to start living my life as a woman. What’s going to be of me? Am I going to go from being an alpha male to a pretty and submissive woman? I mean, I could always try to get ripped again and become a female bodybuilder, and nothing stops me from being a lesbian. But the idea just feels so… unnatural. I… I can’t explain it, but it’s almost like I’m having strange new urges. Urges to go out, find a guy and… have him fuck my brain out! This is so disturbing, and yet also kind of intriguing. I guess the least I can do would be to give it a try. Going out for one night as a girl, showing off my gorgeous new body, and maybe flirting a bit with guys, and experiencing the dating game from the other side of the gender fence… yeah, the idea seems so appealing right now. I’ll have time to become buff and strong. Just for this one time I want to try to be petite, and fragile… and sexy!

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  1. I bet she’s going to love being so small after a big buff guy fucks her.