18 May 2018

The wave - Story 1

Thank god! Home finally! Now I just need to get my phone and… Wooah! Holy shit that was close! Goddamit! I just can’t get a grip of this body! It feels so… different. My whole center of balance is different, I can’t even walk straight! Plus I have these… weights hanging from my chest. They feel so weird. It is unsettling how much they bounce and wiggle with every move I make. It doesn’t help that this swimsuit doesn’t sustain them at all. God it’s so disturbing! These breasts, these hips, the emptiness in my crotch. I’m a teenage girl! It seems impossible, but that’s what I am now!

Calm down! Don’t panic! There must be an explanation to this. And if there’s an explanation, there must be also a way to turn back, right? Ok, focus now George! What do you know about what happened? Well, all I know is that I was swimming peacefully with Molly when that sudden wave washed upon us, and then… I was this girl! That’s insane! How could a simple wave do this? Well, however that happened it looked like whoever was in the water when the wave struck ended up swapping body with someone else. There was so much chaos on the beach, everybody screaming and flailing. And neither Molly nor my body where anywhere to be found. Despite how confused and scared I was I had to do something, but I had no idea of what I should have done!

I decided to give priority to finding my wife before my body. Whatever had just happened to us we would at least have dealt with it together. But it was impossible to find anybody with all that turmoil, and I didn’t even know how to find her if she had swapped with someone else as I did. The best idea I came up with was to get back here where I left my phone before heading to the beach this morning and try to get to her via phone call. She’s a smart woman after all, she knows that she could have tried to find me at this number. Let’s see… no missed calls! Dammit! What do I do now? I can try calling her, but what if a stranger answers me instead of her? What good would that be? Calm down! I’ve got to stay calm! Soon all that chaos will get authorities’ attention, and maybe then I will be able to at least track down Molly and my body. I’m sure everything will be back to normal in no time! But what if it won’t? Am I really stuck as a teenage girl forever? No! This can’t be! There must be a way out of this!

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