19 May 2018

The magical roundabout - Story 2

Thomas didn’t even want to open his eyes. He was not ready to face the truth, and as long as he kept his eyes shut he could at least hope that that time it had worked, even though he could tell by the feeling of his body that nothing had changed. However he could not keep lying to himself. He had no choice. He opened his eyes, looked down at himself, and… they were still there. Samantha’s gorgeous perky tits were still there hanging from his chest, and below them he could still see her toned belly, and her flat crotch, and her amazing legs. He let out a sigh of frustration, and felt all strengths leave his body, as le leaned on the wooden flamingo and let himself fall to the ground, exhausted and hopeless.

<<It did not work…>>
Thomas raised his head towards that male voice, and saw his old body staring down at him with the same defeated expression he probably had as well. It must had been the 20th time they both rode that damned roundabout. He swore he could have gone completely mad if he listened to that marry song one more time, and he could feel himself getting increasingly sick after all that spinning. And yet he could not possibly give up! They had to keep trying! They had to!
<<Maybe we should just give up. It does not look like this fucking thing is going to switch us back any time soon. Everybody else has left long ago. We are the only ones still trying. I don’t know, maybe we should just go home as well.>>
Hearing those words made Thomas mad.
<<Are you kidding me?! We can’t give up! We have to keep trying! We can’t just go home like this! We… we can’t stay as each other! I don’t want to!>>
He still was weirded out by Samantha’s voice coming out of his mouth, yet another reminder that he was now trapped in a woman’s body, and even more frustrating was hearing himself almost break down in a desperate and hysterical cry. He was trying his best to keep acting manly and in charge, but as time went by he felt weaker and more hopeless and exhausted.
<<Tom… I know how you feel. I don’t like this either. But we have been here for hours now, and nothing has changed. Nobody has any clue of what has happened, and it looks like staying here is not going to do us any good. It is getting dark, and we don’t even know for how much longer this thing will keep running, or whether or not anyone is going to come. We need some rest. Maybe the best thing we can do for now is just go home and help each other through this.>>

Thomas took his head in his dainty hands, staring down at his gorgeous female body. He knew that Samantha was probably right, but he could not help but think that if he went home he would have been stuck like that for the rest of his life. It was too scary of a thought. They just stayed there laying on the floor for endless minutes, until Samantha broke the silence. <<You know, it is really weird to look at myself from the outside. It’s strange, but it is indeed a nice view.>> Thomas looked at her confused. <<D… Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bragging about how beautiful I am or anything like that. It’s just that… you look attractive. To this body I mean. I don’t know maybe it is just whatever magic has caused this messing with my head, I’m sorry, I’ll shut up.>> Thomas gulped unsettled. He really did not want to make Samantha feel weird, but he did not know what to say. He knew exactly how she felt. He tried to ignore those thoughts for hours by that point. Every time he would look at his former body, a strange feeling would grasp his stomach, and he could feel a tingle in the back of his neck, and a warm sensation in his belly. As strange and fucked up as that was, he could not deny that he was feeling a weird kind of attraction towards it.

The couple looked at each other in the eyes, like they had done many times before. The fact that they had somehow switched bodies on that carousel was not enough to make them ignore their feelings for each other. Suddenly the roundabout started to run again, and as it started to spin faster and faster the two felt even more drawn to the other. They rose up stumbling on their feet and trying to adjust to the spinning, until Thomas lost his balance and fell forward, still not used to the weights jiggling on his chest and to his different center of balance. Samantha was there to catch him, and as Thomas felt what used to be his muscular and strong arm embrace him, and he looked up at his former face staring down at him with a reassuring expression, he was weirded out by it, but also felt so safe and protected. He could feel his heart beat faster, and decided to give up any resistance. He closed his eyes and pouted his lips, which immediately met with Samantha’s lips, locked in a tender kiss that soon turned into a passionate one as the carousel kept spinning faster and faster. The music, the lights, the day leaving room to the night… it was so romantic. As he gave himself up to that embrace, Thomas quivered, and let out a moan in a very feminine way. Whatever had happened to them was scary and disturbing, but he was glad they still had each other. Maybe returning home was indeed the best course of action to take.

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