28 April 2018

A change of heart

<<So what do you think guys? Are you enjoying it?>>
<<Ffffuck! This bitch sure is great at sucking!>>
<<Just hurry up and finish man! We’re waiting for our turn here!>>
<<Fuck you, I’ll take how much I want!>>
<<Now calm down guys. You don’t have to argue. Tamicka here has time for all of you. She will never get tired of it. Right Tamicka?>>
<<I hope she will change your mind about black women. Why being racist after all? You’re only going to miss on such amazing beauties.>>
<<Yeah… I have to admit I already feel more tolerant if you know what I mean.>>
<<Yeah. It’s a shame Richard isn’t here to enjoy this as well.>>
<<Fuck Richard! Fuck him to hell! I should have never listened to his racist rants. Plus if he was here he would have never allowed this. He wouldn’t even touch a black woman.>>
<<Yeah I’ve heard of your leader. He was… I mean, he is really a despicable asshole. Don’t worry for him. I’m sure he will have a change of heart too eventually. Maybe he just needs some… educational experience. He’s going to be fine. Now smile for the camera Tamicka. Give me one of your slutty looks. Boy, you sure seem to be enjoying this! Perhaps we can make this a permanent thing. Keep going girl. Your old… I mean, new friends are waiting. You have the power to persuade some really bad guys into becoming better people. It is your duty to do so. Believe me, I know how fulfilling that feels.>>

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