09 April 2018

Spring break contest - Part 2: The right mindset

As Alan learned what he had to do to get his male body back, he was the most motivated of the three friends to win the game. Sure, they were all determined to fight to be the winner of the competition, but having already experienced the incredible pleasure of the female orgasm in the bathtub, he knew he could have got quite a bit of enjoyment out of the experience.

While his friends were pretty much disgusted and disturbed by the mere idea of getting near a dick, he could not wait to find out how an actual thick and throbbing cock would have felt inside of him compared to his new dainty fingers. After all, pussy fuck was worth more points than anything else. He was sure he would have soon been able to stack up on a whole lot of them.

Finding guys to hook up with was not hard at all. The beaches were full of horny college hunks during the following days, and they were all of course always down to fuck with a beauty like he was now. All it would take were a couple of enticing looks, and he would soon have found himself on all four getting his new pussy pounded from behind. To his disappointment, he soon discovered that those guys were not quite the match for his new body’s needs, and they all ended up coming before he could reach his much desired orgasm. The more sex he had, the more he craved for it, and he soon ended up stacking up on quite a lot of points. But soon he downright stopped caring about the game. He just wanted to find the one. The man capable of making him come. And he would have kept searching and searching, even if that meant having sex with every man in the seaside. He sure had quite the right spirit.

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