29 April 2018

The wacky adventures of Dr. K

“Oh crap! Where will end up this time?”
That was the last conscious thought of Doctor K before he felt his consciousness being pulled away from his current body. In an instant all the sounds around him faded, and whatever was in his sight warped in front of him turning into a confused and indistinguishable blur, as he felt his limbs go numb first followed by the rest of his body, until he felt like a weightless entity being drifted away in the air.

It had been months since the last time that happened. One of the longest permanence in the same body since the day of the experiment, if not the longest. Honestly the Doctor had stopped counting the days long ago, but it must have been already about two years since that fatal day in which the genius inventor first tried out his teleportation machine. It should have been the greatest invention of the century. Hell, the greatest of all time! But something went horribly wrong. When he tested it, instead of having his whole body sent to the designated location, only his consciousness was teleported, and he found himself trapped in a different body.

That sure was an interesting, even if unwanted, turn of the events, and he would have definitely had a lot to analyze once he would have got back at his laboratory in order to assess what went wrong. But before he could get back there he felt once again the warping sensation associated with the teleportation, and in a moment his surroundings morphed and changed around him, and he found himself once again trapped in a different body. Apparently the machine malfunction was a lot worse than he thought, and without any warning it kept randomly reactivating sending the unfortunate Doctor in a different location, and in a different body. In the months preceding this new jump across space and bodies he had almost got used to his new life, and he hoped that that would have finally been the time in which the machine would have stopped working and he could have finally settled in. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, and the poor guy was about to discover what his new life had in store for him.

As the twisted shapes in front of him finally regained a coherent form and he started to get back to his senses, he realized that he was in a bedroom laying on a bed. He first noticed the feeling of stockings brushing against his legs, and long hair itching in the back of his head, and the weight of two plump mounds of flesh hanging from his chest. No doubt about it, he was a woman now, and a pretty buxom one at that. He had been a woman before, even if just for a short while, so he wasn’t all that unsettled by his new body. What really disquieted him in the instants immediately following his teleportation was to feel the firm grasp of a male hand over his new breast, and a slimy tongue licking his neck and ear. He was now in the company of a man who was teasing his new erogenous zones, squeezing his tits while pressing his hard-on against his new genitals. The unease and disgust were matched only by the still quite alien feeling of female arousal down in his groin, and against his will he found himself panting and moaning under that touch. “Fuck! Of all the places and bodies why did I have to end up into the body of a woman in the middle of an intercourse?!”. Little did the professor know that that was just the beginning of his troubles.

Before he could even become fully aware of all the new sensations his body was sending him, the door slammed and an enraged woman stormed into the room yelling. <<Get off my husband you bitch!>>. Now we find the poor professor running away from his lover’s furious wife, his new heavy boobs flailing around and his feet hurting on the concrete in the garden. He will have plenty of time to find out what his new life is like, or at least until the machine will start randomly working again. But now all he must focus on is his own survival. He definitely doesn’t want to find out what that crazy woman is going to do to him if she gets her hands on him.

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  1. I have a lot of fun while I watch this story

    I liked seeing her run away from that man's wife. like the whore or the woman with whom he was unfaithful to his wife