21 April 2018

Alternate realities: Consequences

As the captain of the football team and one of the most handsome guys in school, Kyle never had any problem with girls. They would basically throw themselves at him, and he of course never let any of them down, giving every one of them her chance. It didn’t take long before he turned into an arrogant womanizer, treating girls as little more than objects to use and then abandon after he would have had sex with them. It was not like there were any consequences for him. His popularity was not hindered in the slightest by his behavior, on the contrary, his pals thought he was a real player, and he could always walk out of a girl’s bedroom with no regrets or emotional burden. Life was great for him. Until that fatal day.

He was in the locker room getting changed for the match, when suddenly the room in front of him seemed to start distorting, and he started to feel dizzy. He leaned on the wall, worried he was about to faint. What was that feeling? He could not allow himself to get sick just before such an important match! Soon that feeling of dizziness ended, and he started to feel better, but was surprised to hear the racket in the locker room turn into a sound of female chatter. As he turned around, he was dumbfounded to see a group of girls nonchalantly getting changed right in front of his eyes, taking off their clothes to put on cheerleaders’ uniforms. Did he accidentally walked into the wrong locker room while he was feeling dizzy? Before he could say or do anything a girl walked towards him. He was afraid she was going to yell at him and chase him away, instead she looked concerned at him and asked <<Is everything all right Kyla?>>. Kyla? He tried to say something, but he fell silent as soon as he heard a high pitched voice come out of his mouth. He looked down at himself and saw that he was dressed in a cheerleader uniform, with the skirt exposing his toned and smooth legs and the top enveloping his torso tight highlighting his frail figure and curves that could only be breasts. He felt a ponytail brush against his neck, and as he turned towards a mirror he saw for the first time his new feminine face, and his new slender and toned body.

He could not even scream in terror before the girls started to head outside of the locker room, basically dragging him with them like a tidal wave, and before he could take in anything of what was happening, he found himself on the side of the football field, in line with all the other girls who soon started to cheer, and chant, and perform. And he was caught in the middle of it all. Confused and overturned he was basically paralyzed at first, and then he started to fidget aimlessly and awkwardly trying to keep up with the other girls. He soon surprised himself somehow knowing what he was supposed to do, and started to perform even some pretty impressive moves almost on autopilot. That confused him even more, but he was at least glad that he was finally able of keeping up with the other cheerleaders. Whatever had happened to him, he had already got enough negative attention on himself, while all he wished in that moment was to be invisible so he could have figured out what had happened. He was so fixated on the strange alien feeling his new female body was sending him, and so absorbed in trying to give an explanation to that situation, that he almost did not realize that the match was already over, and soon he was in the locker room once again, getting changed in other female clothes while his female pals kept talking to him, asking him if anything was wrong, why he was acting so strange that day, and even something about a date with some Michael guy. He was way too overturned to pay attention to any of that, and headed straight to home as soon as he could, glad he at least found it in its place.

After a while he figured out that he had somehow stepped into an alternate dimension where everybody including him was of the opposite gender, and for the following days he tried to act the part of his female self as best as he could while trying to figure out a way to get back to his world, only he soon started to feel ill. At first he blamed the nausea and the headaches to his unease in his new body, but they soon became a constant of his days, and one day one of his new female friends put forward a hypothesis. <<Did you use protection when you were with Michael?>>. Kyle felt his heart sink when he heard those words. He was so busy trying to adapt to his new life at his best that he did not even consider that possibility. But that evening, when he saw the results of the pregnancy test he had bought, the painful reality presented itself to him, and he felt the world crumble over him.

Beside the different gender, Kyla’s life wasn’t all that different from Kyle’s. She was as beautiful as he was handsome, and as the captain of the cheerleader squad she was very popular too. It was no surprise that guys would flock at her, and just like her male counterpart she enjoyed that kind of attention, and did not hesitate to use his suitors however she wanted. Only she was not as lucky as Kyle was to walk out of their rooms without consequences. And the burden she now had to carry was a physical one, as well as an emotional one.

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