10 April 2018

Slimming treatment

Well, can’t say I didn’t get what I was promised. I wanted to become slim, and now I am. My belly is so flat and with no fat in sight. Hell, I can even see my ribs now! It is kind of worrisome actually, I feel so frail and weak, like a gust of wind could blow me away. Well, to be fair I’m not exactly a skeleton. This body definitely has meat where it is required. I’m impressed actually, didn’t think such a slim girl would have had such a nice butt, and even my tits are pretty decent. Damn! I’m fucking hot!

Quit it Carl! Stay focused! You can’t keep checking out your body. This is wrong! You are not a girl! It’s all that crone’s fault. She sold me that potion guaranteeing me it would have made me slim, fit and energetic, without ever mentioning the fact that it would have transformed me into a girl. Why did I even trust her? Sure, going to the gym wasn’t bringing good enough results, and despite all the diets and the slimming treatments I just wasn’t losing any weight. I was tired of being a fatass and I would have done anything to change my condition, but to get to the point where I was even willing to believe in magic… I must have been really desperate. And of course I got screwed.

Thank god I was able to find some clothes that in my sister’s wardrobe now that none of mine would fit me. At least I could get presentable to get out in the streets and look for that damned shop, though I don’t know why I felt so compelled to put on heels as well. Where even is it? I could swear it was right around that corner, but it isn’t there. I must continue searching, I can’t give up! It can’t have disappeared right?

I must admit, it feels pretty good to be able to run without getting short of breath after a short sprint. It’s great to be so fit and energetic. I feel great. And… I think that guy is checking me out. Damn he’s cute! So muscular, and fit… and look at that bulge! I wouldn’t mind to ride that… wait what am I thinking?! Snap out of it Carla… I mean Carl! You’re a guy and you like chicks! Is… is this an effect of the potion as well? Fuck! I must find that shop as soon as possible. And I must also get away from that guy, he’s looking at me in a strange way. Well… maybe I can ask him for some direction. I can’t just keep wandering around looking for that shop. Maybe he can help me. Yes… I think I will ask him for his help. Fuck is he hot!


  1. A slimming treatment that can give you this body? Sign me in!

  2. Oh my god, Rachel if you could bottle that stuff, you would become a billionaire overnight! So many Americans are overweight. ^.^