15 April 2018


<<Hold still! Perfect! Ok, now look into the camera and give me a sexy stare.>>
<<Stop giving me instructions. I know what I’m doing. You on the other hand don’t even know how to operate that camera.>>
<<It’s not rocket science, despite what you always say. Now quit whining and strike me a pose. Just like that… all right! Ok, we’re doing well I think. Now loose the bra. We’re going into kinky territory now.>>
<<I… I…>>
<<What’s the matter?>>
<<I don’t feel like doing this anymore.>>
<<Don’t be silly Kyle… I mean, Kyla. Stop covering up.>>
<<I told you I don’t want to do this anymore Lindsay! I… I feel uneasy!>>
<<What’s with the sudden modesty? Weren’t you the one telling me that modelling would be great and that a couple of nude pics would not have been that big of a deal?>>
<<Well I was wrong! I don’t know if it is just another effect of your damned spell but I don’t feel like going all the way through with this anymore. I’m quitting.>>
<<I guarantee you that I have nothing to do with it. All I did was transform you into a girl. What you’re feeling is just your natural reaction to this whole ordeal. Well, I’m happy to see that now you understand me better, but I’m afraid you can’t just pull back.>>
<<Because you know better than me that this is too important for your job. You enrolled in that contest without having a model, and you appointed me as such without even asking for my opinion. Now they expect pics of my “cousin” Kyla as my replacement, and if we don’t send them what they want nobody is ever going to give you a serious job as a professional photographer again. So bite the bullet and carry on. It’s going to be over soon. Now, let me see those puppies.>>
<<*Sigh* All right.>>
<<Wow, they look really nice. They’re bigger than mine. I’m almost jealous Kyla. You make a much prettier girl than I do.>>
<<Please, quit with the nonsense. It is already hard as it is.>>
<<It’s not nonsense. It’s a sincere compliment. I think you have a pretty good chance of winning the contest.>>
<<Holy crap! You’re right! I mean, what if I end up winning the modelling contest? I will have to do the photoshoot for the cover! I… I can’t do it!>>
<<Don’t worry. You’re pretty, sure, but there are going to be hundreds of other girls competing. The chance of you winning are not that high.>>
<<But what if I win?>>
<<Well, you can’t turn it down of course. That would most likely reflect negatively also on you as a photographer. But don’t worry. If you end up winning we will practice together to get rid of your stage fright. I will make you a wonderful model. And who knows, maybe you will end up preferring life as a stunning model than as a photographer.>>

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