13 April 2018

It used to be easyer

<<Well, isn’t it kind of ironic?>>
<<I mean, maybe ironic isn’t the right word, but it is pretty funny, right? It’s just like the old times. Before… you know… before the Virus.>>
<<It’s so familiar and yet so alien. I’ve not seen a urinal in months. It’s so strange to be back into the men’s bathroom. And if it wasn’t for this overcrowded party maybe I would have never seen one again.>>
<<It’s funny. No matter how much time has passed since the transformation, I still tend to forget that with this body I handle alcohol a lot worse. And that it is a lot harder to hold my pee too. Well, desperate time call for desperate measures, right? And this is like a dive in the past. It’s awkward, but kind of nostalgic, don't you think?>>
<<Oh for fucks sake Jenny! You haven’t changed in the slightest from when you were a guy, did you? Even then you would never shut your mouth when we went to the bathroom. How many times do I have to tell you that I can’t do it if you keep talking? This is already pretty discomforting as it is, there’s no need for you to make it even more awkward. Now please, please, shut up just for a moment. I want this to be over as soon as possible and get back to the party. I’m not nearly drunk enough yet to not feel uneasy with those guys staring at us.>>
<<Okok… sorry. I was just trying to break the tension. You know, you have not changed either. You’ve always been a downer.>>
<<Holy shit shut up!>>

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