17 April 2018

Getting low

Requested by Marilin Salazar :) 
I can't stay like this! I must find a way out of this! I know this is pretty much exactly what I was seeking, but I never intended this to possibly be the way I will spend the rest of my days! I fantasized for countless years about being used, and humiliated, and subdued, but now the thought that I may be stuck like this forever scares me beyond belief. And my master seems to be noticing my unease, and he is having none of it. I used to love the way he would grab me by my hair and push his cock deep in my mouth, but now I just want this to end as soon as possible! And he wants that too. Mistress is going to be home soon. We can't let her catch us like this. I must be a good girl and help my master get off as soon as possible and blow his load in my mouth. God, why does it have to be so arousing despite everything?!

And to think that I can blame nobody but myself for having ended up like this. Right now I could have been in my luxurious yacht somewhere in the Caribbean with some hot model by my side pleasing me, instead than on my knees blowing some rich kid off. I guess it is true that money can't buy happiness after all, and that the grass seems always greener on the other side, and all that kind of crap. For all my life I have known nothing but wealth, and all the people I have met were willing to do whatever I would order them just so they could eat from my hand and get some advantages from sticking by my side. I was rich and powerful, and I everything I wanted I would get. And yet, for some reason, that was not making me happy. I was sick of all the yes-men never contradicting me, and of all the beautiful women willing to throw away their dignity and fall on their knees for me. Contrary to most people, I did not want to be powerful. I started to actually wish I was the one being subdued.

I started to have fantasies, and then I started to make some of them come true. I developed a kink for bdsm, and started to hire sadistic mistresses to humiliate me and treat me like an animal or an object. Eventually I even started to wonder how it would have been like to play the role of the woman, and to be fucked and used as a sex-toy. However there was no way I could have lived out those kind of fantasies. I had a position to defend, and I could not let some whore just go around talking about my little fetishes and damage my reputation. That's why I decided to resort to extreme measures.

It costed me a fortune to make my scientists synthesize that drug, and it costed me even more to buy their silence about it. But in the end I got what I wanted. A drug that would have turned me into a young woman. With a new, sexy female body I could have left my life behind me for a while and live my dreams out. I set everything up so that people would have thought that I was traveling around the world on vacation for a few months, while in reality I created a new identity for myself in another country so that I could have made my dream come true. I was actually pretty undecided about what kind of profession would have best suited my secret fantasy. A secretary? A stripper? A prostitute? But soon I realized that there was only one right answer to that question. After all I had spent all my life surrounded by servants. It was only fitting that I would have become one myself. I became a maid.

I was so happy to find out that my new master was one of those perverts with a kink for maids in skimpy and revealing uniforms. When I first saw my new uniform my heart skipped a beat, and as soon as I felt the tight embrace of my new stockings, and felt the cool breeze blow under my short skirt, and realized how exposed I was, I just quivered with anticipation. I didn't even mind the high heels I had to wear, even though it was quite painful to tend to the house while wearing those. I was just so thrilled.

I have to admit that I wasn't wild about doing the chores. While I enjoyed the fantasy of being a servant, and basked for a while in the feeling of being treated like a lower class, to be honest I would have grown quite tired of it all pretty soon if it wasn't for my master. I could tell just by the way he was looking at me what he had in mind. He was a pervert, a cheater, and an asshole. Just what I was looking for. I started to act all bubbly and flirty around him, pretending I was some kind of bimbo who would have done just about everything for some benefit. I had met so much women like that during the course of my life that I was able to act the part pretty flawlessly. And soon he bit the bait.

From that day on my deepest and most secret fantasies became an every-day reality. I was his bitch, his toy. He would use my mouth as a fuck-hole every time we were alone in the house, and teased me in secret whenever his wife was around. But most importantly of all it was clear that he had no respect for me. For him I was nothing more than a whore, somebody to use however he wanted, with basically no dignity whatsoever. And I loved it! For the longest time I just basked in that feeling of humiliation, until eventually it was time to get back to my old life. Not gonna lie, I was a bit sad about the idea of turning back into myself, but at least I had enjoyed myself for quite some time, and I had scratched a couple of itches that had been bothering me for way too long. However something went wrong.

I have no idea what the fuck have happened, but for some reason when I took the antidote that should have turned me back into my male self it did not work. I can't even describe how unbelievably scared I was, and I had no idea what to do. It didn't take long before the news reported of a millionaire who had mysteriously disappeared during a trip abroad, and I even started to wonder whether or not I should have just told everybody who I actually was. But who would have believed me? I was screwed! I was stuck as a poor maid, and I had it coming! I have considered leaving this house and try to start anew, but I have never lived a day in my entire life without financial security. I don't know how I can manage in the world outside of this mansion. All I can do to keep having a secure life is to stick with my master, and let him keep using me however he pleases. For the first time in my life I am completely at the mercy of someone else, and this may very well end up being the way I will have to live for the rest of my life. Right now, I honestly almost can't believe I used to wish this kind of life for myself.


  1. I really liked the story n///n

    I think it's my biggest fantasy n////n

    1. It is a nice fantasy ^-^ I'm glad you liked it :)

  2. Delicia de bumbum linda,adoraria chupar todinha e socar essa pica até o saco,que tesão bela....