20 April 2018

Alternate realities: Making end meets

When Misha came to the United States he had dreams and aspirations, but they were all soon crushed when he found out how that the American dream is usually destined to remain just a dream for many immigrants. With his low education and also the language barrier to deal with, all he could rely on to make a living was his body, and being a big and buff guy, he settled for a position as a bouncer in a dingy strip club downtown.

He did not mind that all that much. Even though he hoped for something better for himself, the pay was good enough, the clients for the most part did not make much trouble, and he could always ogle up all the beautiful girls working there. Life wasn’t really getting any better, but it wasn’t getting any worse either at least, and one way or another he was getting by. However things were about to change drastically, and his life was about to be flipped upside down.

He was in the back alley taking a break to smoke a cigarette, when suddenly the environment became blurry, and when that strange sensation stopped he started to feel even weirder. Everything around him seemed bigger, or rather it was him who felt smaller and frailer, and he felt a lot colder too, like he was naked. He realized that his trench coat had changed into a fur coat, and as he opened it and checked out his body under it, he discovered that he was in fact almost naked. He was dressed in nothing but a skimpy bra and a thong, but most unsettling of all was the fact that he now had a pair of round and firm breasts filling out the bra nicely, while his crotch was flat and in place of his dick all he could feel was just an unsettling void.

He shrieked in terror, only to immediately silence as soon as he heard the high pitched voice coming out of his mouth. He started to freak out and to fidget, feeling his body with his small and dainty hands, sensing his soft and sensitive skin and his newly acquired breathtaking curves. His scream got the attention of people inside, and a girl soon went outside to ask if everything was all right.
<<What are you doing still here? Come on Maya, it’s almost your turn!>>

A few moments later Misha was basically pushed on stage, and found himself alone in front of a huge crowd of horny men cheering for him and yelling at him to get started. It was apparent that somehow he had transformed into a stripper, and now he should have done her number to entertain the clients and earn some money. He wanted to get off the stage and run away, but somehow he mastered the courage to start dancing around the pole and show off his curves much to the audience’s enthusiasm, and weirdly enough as the music kept going he was getting more and more into it, and soon was able to flawlessly perform incredible dance moves. It was like it was some kind of second nature, like he had been doing that for years, and soon enough to his relief his time on stage was over and he could get backstage and catch his breath.

Surrounded by dozens of stunning topless girls he had never seen before, and with strangers telling him he did good, and even slapping his butt complicit, he could make no sense of what was going on. It took him a while before he figured out what had happened, and that somehow he was now in a reality where he was a woman, and everybody around him was of the opposite gender. He was now an immigrant for eastern Europe named Maya, even though her stage name was now Candy, and just like her male self, when she had arrived in the States she had found no better way to make a living than to use her body, becoming a stripper and earning money by entertaining thirsty perverts.

She hated her new job, and her new life. She hated to be treated like nothing more than a piece of meat, and despised the men who would throw money at her when she would take off her bra, so much so that she was almost disgusted to even touch those money. She soon realized that for how humiliating her new life was, stepping into that alternate reality was the best thing that could possibly have happened to her, because she had finally snapped out of her apathy, and she was now incentivized to get back on her feet and try to build a better life for herself. She had not crossed the world only to be nothing more than some kind of whore, and even though it took some time to get used to her new body, she was determined to get her life back on track.


  1. very good story n///n

    I'm sure that she will bravely face her new life n///n

  2. Kimkat here,
    I love this cap.