12 April 2018

Dodging responsibilities

A caption I made for bbrdz back in the days :)
Andrew learned the importance of having only protected sex the hard way.
<<Condoms don’t let me feel anything.>> he used to say to his girlfriend Emily. <<I’ll be careful, I swear.>>
Emily was of course reluctant, but she didn’t want to start taking birth control pills since she feared they would have made her gain weight and therefore sabotage her career as a gymnast. So she trusted him and did as he said. That was of course a big mistake. It didn’t took long in fact before Andrew was unable to pull out in time and eventually Emily got pregnant.

She was destroyed by that news. Abortion wasn’t an option, but having the baby would have destroyed her future as she had planned it. All of her hopes and dreams were crushed, and all just because Andrew didn’t want to use protection.

But even worse was the fact that he didn’t want to accept his responsibilities and refused to help her with the baby. He wasn’t willing to become a father and even went as far as saying that she had cheated on him and that the baby wasn’t his and that he was going to break up with her. That was too much for Emily to handle, and she resorted to extreme measures.

She heard rumors about a shop selling magic spells, and even though she never believed in such things she was so desperate and so mad at Andrew that she was willing to try out anything. So she went there and asked for a mean to have revenge on that asshole. The old man running the shop was more than happy to help her. She gave her a body swap spell for free. <<With this he won’t be able to dodge his responsibilities.>>

When Andrew was invited the next day by Emily to go to her place to talk he was very reluctant. She was probably going to throw another scene about how he had an obligation to help her since it was all his fault. That was mostly true, but he wasn’t ready to accept such huge responsibilities nonetheless. He had projects, and ambitions. But he felt so sorry for her that he couldn’t just turn down her invitation. He would have endured any scene and then he would have said goodbye to her forever.

When she offered him one last chance to accept his responsibilities and he turned her down once again, as he headed to the door to leave that apartment forever he suddenly found himself back inside the room he had just left. He remained petrified when he saw his own body in front of him, and almost lost his senses when he realized that he was now in Emily’s body.
<<I gave you one last chance but you threw it away. You are irredeemable. Well, now you can’t just walk away from your responsibilities anymore. You are stuck with the results of your actions. Don’t worry though, I will not leave you alone in this predicament, even though I’d really like to do so just to teach you a lesson. No, I’m going help you during the pregnancy until the baby is born, and I will set a good example for you on how to be proper father. After that I will consider swapping us back. Nonetheless you are now the pregnant woman, and you will have to carry that weight. This is what you get for being an asshole!>>
Andrew wanted to cry and scream of rage and frustration, but he soon realized that she was right. He had no idea of how she did that, but she had now total control of the situation, while he was screwed for good.

The first few days were a living hell for him. He had to get used to his new body and to learn everything he needed in order to pretend to be Emily and live her life. But as weeks went by he realized that learning to put on makeup, wearing a bra and getting used to pee sitting were the least of his problems. After a while the headaches started, as well as the nausea. His breasts became swollen and started to hurt, as did his legs and feet. Soon his days became a constant going back and forth from the bathroom to either pee or throw up. He felt like dying and was painfully aware that the worst was yet to come.

Now we find him almost 8 months into the pregnancy. Despite how much time has passed he still is not comfortable with his inflated belly. It has become difficult for him to move and his back hurts constantly. The only thing that helps him carrying on is Emily’s support, who turned out to be a very considerate boyfriend. He knows she’s only doing that for the baby, but her affection gives him some relief from his misery.

There’s also something else actually, even though he would never be willing to admit that to himself. Maybe it is just the hormones playing tricks on him and altering his mood and feelings, but as he got further and further into the pregnancy, when he saw the blurry image of the baby on the ultrasound monitor, when he felt that little thing move inside of his belly for the first time, when he realized how incredible it was to feel a life develop inside of him, he surprised himself thinking that it was the most amazing thing he could ever experience. The idea of going through the labor scares him, but it also fills him with anticipation.

He feels the baby kick. He gently places his hand on his swollen belly and caresses it, as he once again ponders his predicament. Will Emily actually swap them back as soon as the baby is born? But most importantly, will he be willing to give up the prospect of becoming the mother of that little creature? The more time he spends as Emily the more he becomes uncertain about the future.

There is still time before that though. Now all he cares about is for the baby to be safe and healthy. Decision time will soon come, but for now all he wants to do is to indulge some more in the amazing feeling of having a life grow inside of him. Judy may have got her revenge on him, but she is definitely missing the most amazing experience there is.

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