09 April 2018

Spring break contest - Part 1: Wrong girl to woo

Hi everyone! :)
Sorry for the lack of posts lately :/ I know hiatuses are not good for readers nor for creators, but I have been really burned out lately :P
Anyway, hopefully I'm now back in full force, and to apologize for my absence I'm back with my longest series to date, requested by Unown7599 :*
Spring break had finally come for Alan, John and Jack, and the three friends had but one plan. Get to the beach, get drunk out of their asses, and hit on every chick they could lay their eyes on until eventually they would have all scored. They wanted to make the best out of their vacation, and nothing would have stood in their way. Well, that was their lucky day. That spring break, they would all have had more sex than they could have ever hoped for.

When they got to the sunny beach, mayhem had already ensued. Alcohol was flowing, and dozens of topless drunk chicks were dancing and teasing the boys. They were quite literally spoilt for choice! However they ended up hitting on the worst girl they could have possibly picked. To be fair, she was quite an eye catching beauty, with her breathtaking curves and incredible bosom. The most desired woman of all the seaside. The three guys basically started a competition to see who among them would have been able to take her to bed, so one after the other they started to hit on her with their annoying pick-up lines, and when they all got rejected they got pissed at her and started to call her names. Well, she was having none of that, and she was going to make them pay and use them as examples for any other rando who wanted to annoy her. So they wanted sex, and they wanted to compete? Well, she was going to give them exactly what they wanted.

The three friends had no luck that day at the beach, and they had wasted most of their time hitting on that woman, so they were all frustrated and bitter, and they needed some kind of relief. Alan was the one taking hold of the bathtub, while Jack went into the kitchen to get some more booze. John on the other hand was just in desperate need to take a leak. The woman’s curse hit all of them at the same time. Relaxing in the midst of all the bubbles, Alan barely noticed his skin starting to tingle and change. All he was aware of was that it was becoming much more sensitive, and the whirlpool started to feel so pleasant. It felt so good in fact that when he finally realized that his hips had started expanding, his hair elongating, and that two huge breasts had started developing on his chest, he was not even unnerved by it. Instead he started to massage his new assets, and it felt amazing. And when his dick receded into his groin leaving behind only a slit, he could not hold back and started to tease and caress his new genitals. Only when he achieved his first orgasm as a woman, his body finally stopped changing.

John’s head was spinning, and he could barely keep his balance when he finally got in front of the toilet. He had drunk so much, and the next day he was sure he would have had one hell of a hangover. He was zoning out as he undid his pants, but what took him back to reality and pretty much dissipated all of his tipsiness was the fact that he could not find his dick. He looked down and started to fidget, but all he could find was just a completely flat crotch. He started to panic, confused and unsettled, when something even more disturbing started to happen. Soon his eyesight was obstructed by two enormous mounds of flesh, which appeared on his chest and kept inflating. He was completely paralyzed for the terror, and could not even master the courage to bring his hands to his new bosom. Suddenly his shirt started to shrink and clung around his new chest perking it up and transforming into a bra, his pants vanished into thin hair, and his underwear turned into lacy panties. Shocked and overturned by his transformation, he just remained there in the bathroom, staring blankly and scared at his new reflection in the mirror for what felt like an eternity, still barely able to keep his balance, only now it wasn’t the alcohol to blame, but it was his new center of balance and the weight on his chest.

Jack opened up a beer and sighed in frustration. Their first day of vacation did not go as well as he imagined it, but as long as he kept staying drunk he would not have had to think about how hopeless he was with girls. He started to chug down the beer, and as he did so his body started to transform, starting with his chest, which inflated more and more without he even realizing it. His hair came next, which turned blonde and long, and then combed themselves on his nape. His waist became narrow, his hips wide and round, and his legs long and hairless. Finally his clothes changed into a set of bra and panties and a gown. He did not even notice any of that, and just kept drinking as his curves kept on expanding, becoming more and more voluptuous. Only when he consumed the whole content of the bottle and put it on the counter, noticing his new slender and dainty hand, he finally noticed what had happened to him.

The three boys had all been transformed into three gorgeous buxom ladies, and they were ready to start competing against each other to see who among them would have been returned to normal and who on the contrary would have stayed stuck like that for the rest of their lives. The game they would have had to play was based on a point system, and the one who would have got the most points by the end of the vacation would have been turned back to normal. To earn points they had to have sex with as many men as possible. 1 point for handjobs, 2 for blowjob, 3 for tit fuck, 5 for anal, and 7 for pussy fuck. They could not have had sex with the same guy at any point, and proof had to be texted to the girl who cursed them. The race was on! Who would have been the girl to end up on top?

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  1. If it were me I’d probably score the most points, except I’d “forget” to send proof.