20 April 2018

Dreams do come true

A caption based on an old dream by Ashley Allison :)
Ash was walking around the carnival cheerful and care-free. The gleeful atmosphere of those kind of events always put him in a good mood, and he enjoyed just walking around alone looking at all the people having fun. Suddenly he heard a voice call for him.
<<Come here young man! Would you like to have your fortune told?>>
He turned around to see and old hag sat at a table partially hidden in the shadows, with a deck of tarots in her hands. She had a strange, malicious smile on her face. There was something unsettling and creepy about her, but being a polite guy he couldn’t just pass by and ignore her.
<<I’m sorry ma’am, I don’t believe in that kind of stuff.>>
<<Oh that’s a shame. Your skepticism really is your loss young man, for you see this kind of “stuff” is real. And magic can really do a lot for those who believe. Come closer, I want to show you.>>

The woman then took out a strange looking necklace from her pocket. It seemed like a plain and useless piece of junk, and yet he found himself irresistibly lured by it.
<<Here, I would like to give you this jewel. It may look valueless, but I guarantee you that it actually holds great power. If you wear it while you sleep, your dreams will become reality.>>
That of course sounded ridiculous, but Ash was nonetheless fixated on that strange little object.
<<So what do you want for it?>>
<<Nothing at all. I always give little magical artifacts to the nonbelievers. All I ask, is for you to wear it right now in front of me if you’re going to accept my gift.>>

That sounded even stranger, but he couldn’t help it. He had to have it. So he took it from her hand and fastened it around his neck. The woman smiled pleased and said goodbye to him, and a few hours later Ash was at home ready to go to bed. By that point he had already almost forgotten the old lady and the necklace, and it surprised him when he noticed it was still around his neck. He tried to take it off, but he found himself unable to unfasten it. He tried and he tried, but it just would not come off. “What the hell?” he thought, and after a while he had to give up. He was exhausted, and he didn’t want to lose any more time with it. Besides, that hag said that he should have worn it while sleeping. Why not give it a try? It would not hurt to rest while wearing it. So he laid on his bed and fell asleep almost immediately.

He didn’t sleep well that night, for he was disturbed by strange dreams. When he woke up he wasn’t in his room anymore, nor was he laying in a bed. Instead he realized that he was sitting in some kind of old armchair, and all around him were magenta walls adorned with all types of fancy furniture and paintings, and even a large tapestry. But his surrounding were not the only thing being different, nor were they the least surprising. As a cool breeze blew through an open window, he realized that his legs were bare. Looking down he saw that he was now dressed in a blue short dress and that he was wearing high heels, and to his dismay he realized that those female clothes were actually fitting his body. He now had smooth and toned womanly legs, and he felt that his arms and shoulders had lost almost any muscular tone, giving him a frail and petite figure. His belly had flattened and his waist narrowed, while his hips were now much wider, and he could feel a round and soft butt acting as a cushion. But most unsettling of all was his chest, on which two ample mounds of flesh had developed. He now had breasts. Trembling, he reached with his hands for that bosom, and gave it a firm squeeze. The shock that that sent to the back of his head acted as the most powerful of pinches. There was no doubt, that was all real. He was a woman.

<<Surprised, aren’t you?>>
He heard a familiar voice coming from beside him. He turned towards its source and saw the old woman sitting in a chair in a corner of the room, looking at him with a smug look on her face. He wanted to say something, but all that came out of his mouth were muffled stutters, in a feminine voice that unsettled him even more.
<<I told you that the necklace held incredible powers. And as I told you, it made your dream come true, even though it reached quite far into the back of your memories to find the right dream to fulfill.>>
<<I… you…>>
<<Don’t you remember? You were seven. The first time you ever dreamed of transforming into a woman. You were a dame in a castle. You didn’t dream of any prince coming to save you or anything like that, not at all. No, all you did in that dream was to bask in your newfound femininity, acting all girly and enjoying your time as a sensible and well educated lady. How adorable.
Of course that would not have been the last time you fantasized about experiencing life as a woman, but I just thought that it would have been a lot of fun to make you re-experience that dream as a reality. I had to do some changes though in order to make it real. You are a princess now. An actual princess. The princess of Belgium to be precise. Now you can live the life you dreamed of decades ago. It is just as I told you, magic can do a lot for those who believe. And I think from now on you will be a fervent believer. Enjoy your new life, your majesty.>>

The woman disappeared with a laugh, leaving Ash alone in his new room and with his new body. He got up and walked towards a mirror trying not to stumble over the heels. For the first time he saw his new beautiful feminine visage, with his now blonde hair framing his delicate features. He caressed his face, feeling how soft his skin now was, and he couldn’t help but think that that was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Suddenly a knock at the door made him jolt, as what looked like a maid entered the room.
<<Oh, I’m sorry your highness. I didn’t know you were here. Hope I didn’t disturb you, you seem upset.>>
Ash smiled complacent. He never was arrogant or anything like that, but being called your highness really flattered him.
<<It’s ok. I’m fine.>> he said turning again towards the mirror. A happy smile went across his beautiful face.
<<I’m perfectly fine.>>

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  1. I think it's a fairy tale, which will live from now on n///n

    I think your life will be very interesting n////n

    She is very beautiful and also important.