01 April 2018


Wew! Today is both Easter and April fool :P Enjoy this little cap I made for the occasion ^-^
“Ok this is really going way too far! I swear, I will find a way to get back at Mike, even if that’s going to take me a whole year to come up with my revenge!

Why are we even friends? He can be such an asshole at times. And his damned pranks got way out of hand this April fool! He pulled pretty dirty tricks on me in the past, but sneaking a TG Pill in my breakfast cereal to trick me and transform into a girl is going just too far!

It still feels all so weird. I think I could never get used to my long hair constantly getting in the way, or these boobs hanging from my chest and feeling cumbersome and awkward, or the unsettling void I feel between my legs. Not to mention how my panties and bra itch and feel uncomfortable, and how exposed I feel in this top and shorts. It wasn’t enough for him to turn me into a girl. He even made me appear in his twitch stream and pretend to be his girlfriend, and act all dumb, and happy, and slutty. God this is so humiliating! I hate him so fucking much!”

<<Hey Katy!>>
<<Check this!>>
<<Oh fuc..!>>

“Ok now THIS is really way too fucking much! Can’t he give me a break even for a minute?! I hate him and his stupid pranks!

Oh god… look at the visuals going up. And the comments! Oh god what was I even thinking putting the bottle in my mouth like that? That’s it! I’m ending the streaming now! I don’t care if he won’t give me the antidote and so I will have to be stuck like this for the rest of the day! I’ve humiliated myself enough! I will just go to my bedroom and sleep through my transformation!

Well, maybe I will explore my body just a little bit. I mean, why wouldn’t I try to get at least some kind of enjoyment out of this situation? And when I will have released some tension and my mind thoughts would be clearer I will start to think about how to get back at him! I must pull him the dirtiest prank imaginable after all he had me go through today!”


  1. the jokes among friends will always be the best n////n

    1. Gotta love a prankster friend like that XD

  2. Kimkat here,
    Love it! btw I joined new otgc blog. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Thank you for taking the big step and joining us :) I'm so happy to have you back into the community ^-^