22 April 2018

Alternate realiteis: Prom night

Based on an Anonymous suggestion :)
Daniel looked at himself in the mirror. He looked so awkward and uncomfortable in that tuxedo, and he felt so stiff. But more than his clothes, what really was making him look so tense and unease was the fact that he kept thinking with apprehension at the night that was awaiting him. That was it! That was the night! He felt it in the bottom of his heart. After years he finally mastered the courage to invite his long time crush to the prom, and she said yes. He would have spent that night dancing and being intimate with the prettiest girl in class, and who knew, if things went the right way, maybe that would have finally been the night when he would have lost his virginity. He didn’t want to fuck it up, but the more he kept thinking about it, the tenser and more uncomfortable he was getting.

He needed to wash his face to snap out of that state of mind, so he headed to the bathroom, only to find it occupied. Why did his stupid brother have to have such bad timing? He needed to hurry up and go pick up his prom date. He didn’t want to arrive late and make a bad impression to her parents. He took a deep breath to calm down, but as he did so everything in front of him became blurry and confused for an instant, and when that strange feeling of dizziness and confusion went away, he started to feel strange. He snapped out of that state of trance as he heard the door unlock, but was even more confused to see a pretty teenage girl come out of the bathroom. He was sure that it was his brother occupying the bathroom, who even was that chick? She looked at him and checked him out from head to toe, and then she said <<Amazing dress sis.>>, only to then go her way to his brother room. Sis?! What the hell was happening?!

He looked down at himself, and was surprised when he saw flocks of long hair fall in front of his eyesight. But what really overturned him was to find a pair of breasts hanging from his chest, tightly wrapped in a long salmon dress. Dress? Breasts?! He rushed inside the bathroom, almost stumbling on the high heels he realized he was wearing, and as he looked at himself in the mirror his heart skipped a beat as he saw a cute girl staring back at him in disbelief from the reflection.

Shocked and confused he rushed back to his room, only to find it completely changed, furnished and decorated just like a teenage girl’s room would have been. He grabbed a purse he found laying on the bed, and rummaged through it, and finally he found a student ID. He recognized the face in the pic as the same girl he saw in the mirror, and then looked at the name. Danielle Brown. Brown… that was his mother’s second name. What did that mean?

He exited the room unsure and trembling, and was actually surprised to discover how easily he could walk on those heels now that he wasn’t trying to run with them on anymore, and how natural overall that female body he was now inhabiting felt. He looked around and realized that the house for the most part looked almost exactly the same as his own, the only major difference being the photos on the wall depicting a family he never seen before, and that yet looked weirdly familiar. He went down the stairs and into the living room, where he found a man and a woman waiting.
<<Danielle! What are you doing here? What about your descent down the staircase? Didn’t you want us to photograph you as you came down?>>
<<Let her be Marla, she probably has just changed her mind. You know how whimsical teenage girls can be. You look stunning my princess.>>
<<Yeah. Look how our little girl has grown. I can’t believe it.>>
Who were those people? Why did that woman looking at her on the verge of tears reminded him somehow of his father? And why did that man have the same eyes as his mother?
Suddenly he heard a car pull up in the front yard.
<<Ah! It must be Martin! Oh I’m so excited!>>
Who was Martin? The woman opened the door, and a tall handsome guy dressed in a tuxedo stepped inside. Their eyes met, and the guy jolted for a second.
<<W… wow! You look beautiful Danielle.>>

The following minutes felt for Daniel like he was in some kind of dream. The guy approaching him and giving him a tender kiss on the cheek, the trip in the car to the school, the moment they stepped inside the gym animated by soothing music and a crowd of teenage couple dancing. It took him a while to put all the pieces together, and even when he finally realized that for some reason he was now in a reality where everyone was of the opposite gender, and that he was a teenage girl being taken out on her prom night, he was just too shocked to do anything to avoid the situation, and just let his date lead him through the night. And as time went by, it all started to feel more and more natural, like that was the only reality he had never known. Like that was how things were supposed to be.

It felt so good to be embraced by that guy’s strong arms, being conducted through the dance, the music swelling as they were fixated into each other’s eyes. God was he handsome. She was such a lucky girl, and surely everyone around them envied them. They were undisputedly the cutest couple in the whole school, and that night was going to be magical and unforgettable. Maybe if things went the right way that would have been the night when she would have finally lost her virginity. Her heart started to beat faster as the thought of making love to that guy made her smile with joy, and she leaned her head on his chest tenderly, only to then raise it to exchange a long and passionate kiss. What a night. What a lovely night.


  1. This is amazing cap;)
    I have an suggestion. Maybe something about guy who have sex with hix wife and during sex everything changed. Then he finds out that in this reality he is secretary and he is cheting his husband with his boss. You could use this gif:
    And something about a bully who changed into cute, typical teenage girl. Now he can't understand why he bullied anyone.

    1. I like the bully idea, and I will try to work on the other as well :)

  2. I think it's a beautiful story n////n

    It was magical for me :)