23 April 2018

Music makes the world go round - Story 2

So many things have changed since that fatal day. I will never forget the moment it happened. I had just got home from another awful day at school. I was so mad at all the popular kids mocking me and my friends and calling us losers and everything. I had to channel that rage, and nothing helped me more than blasting some kick ass metal in my ears. And I did exactly that. I took out my phone, got into the app, and started to listen to some Slayer. I was so pumped up as the song ended and I wanted more, but no amount of loud thrash metal could have ever prepared me for the sound I was about to hear. It was like a million forks scratching on glass at the same time, the most piercing, screeching sound I had ever heard. I thought I was about to go deaf, but thankfully after a few seconds it stopped.

When I opened my eyes I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I wasn’t in my bedroom anymore. Instead I was sitting in what looked like a metro while listening to some pop music. But it wasn’t only the different location or music, I was completely different as well! When I looked down at myself I saw through the glasses I was now wearing long legs covered in pantyhose, and I was wearing a tight skirt and high heels, and further up, partially obstructing my view, I saw a pair of large breast protruding under the white blouse I was now wearing. I was a woman!
I screamed in utter terror, and with my new womanly voice it must have sounded like something not much different from the sound that had just stopped playing in my ears. The people around me were trying to calm me down. <<What’s the matter Miss?>> <<Calm down lady!>>. Miss? Lady? I’m not a woman!
A few seats away from me I noticed other people freaking out just like I was doing, if not worse. I would soon have learned that just like me many more people all over the world were in my same predicament. Millions more. Everybody who was using Spotify at that moment to be precise.

Only several hours later I finally got into this woman’s apartment, which would have become my new place from that day on. Due to that sound I had swapped bodies with a 29 years old lawyer, and I had been told that I should have lived as her until a way to reverse the process was found. How can I possibly do that? Just a few days ago I was a teenage boy, I can’t go around pretending to be a grown woman, I don’t want to. It was a relief to find out that she was not married and with a family, even though in the following days I got a lot of texts from various men asking me out. I turned down every single one of them of course, there’s no way I can start dating men.

They say that if we keep listening to music it will be easier for us to adapt, that we will be able to completely become the persons whose bodies we are now inhabiting. But that’s not true at all. I keep listening to this lady’s boring music but nothing is really changing. I still know who I used to be and I keep not knowing a single thing about this woman except for what I can infer from her belongings. The only effects I have noticed, beside the fact that I now seem to be unable to enjoy my once beloved heavy metal, are a few changes in my mannerisms. I can now walk in heels with little to no problem, and even make up does not represent an issue anymore, and overall I guess nobody would think just by looking at me that I used to be a teenage boy just a few days ago. But beside that nothing else has changed.

Well, that’s not entirely true actually. As days go by I feel some sort of urgency grow inside of me. A desire. I couldn’t quite put my fingers on it, until I… actually put my fingers on it. Recently, while I listen to music, I’ve started to get more and more aroused. It’s like I can’t control myself, just a few notes and I get impossibly wet. This body is craving for sex! And while I masturbate I surprise myself fantasizing about having sex with men. This is impossible! I’m not gay! Well now that I’m a woman that wouldn’t technically be gay now that I think about it. But I’m not really a woman! I just have the body of one, but I’m still me, right? As time passes I get progressively uncertain about who I am. Not that it matters really. Not while I’m playing with my new toys at least. It’s funny, this kind of music seems to be a lot more appealing to me while I play with myself.


  1. music. which, by the way, was the cause of the change. somehow little by little he is joining them to his new bodies n////n

  2. Muito gostosa,Delicia de peitos e buceta linda,adoraria de te chupar todinha e socar essa pica de 23 cm até o saco bela,e ver você gozar bastante no meu pau bela,que tesão,estou peladão aqui e fiquei de pintão levantado de desejo,beijos…