09 April 2018

Spring break contest - Part 5: A winner

Alana was enjoying her afternoon happy and carefree. She was a bit bummed out that all those college kids had left the city as soon as spring break ended, and there was no doubt she would have missed them all so much at first. But she had to admit that it was quite nice to see the seaside that quiet and enjoy it to its fullest. It’s not like there were not boys to hook up with anyway. All it would take for her to find a partner for the night was to put on a skimpy bikini, go sunbathing, and wait to be approached by some hunk.

She had just got home and was looking for something comfortable to wear, when she stumbled into a bikini she did not recognize. That wasn’t hers! How did it end up there? It seemed so familiar for some reason. Then she recognized it. That was Jackie’s bikini! Apparently she had forgotten it and it just stayed there laying around in the wardrobe until that day. She sighed melancholic. She missed her friends so much. It was in moments like those, when she was not in the company of any man, alone in her apartment, that she really wished they were still together.

She could not blame them for having leaved her there alone, it was completely understandable that they were mad at her. When she ended up winning the competition for having had sex with the most guys, and it finally came time for her to wish to change back into a guy, she realized that she did not want to. She had spent her first few weeks as a woman completely lost in pleasure, and she had realized that that was something she was not willing to give up. She could not turn back into a man. Life was just so much better as a woman!

Unfortunately the right to change back was not transferrable, which meant that his two friend were stuck as women as well, and they were less than happy about that. Moreover they were also mad as hell at Alan for having given up his chance to change back and not having let one of them win the game if he really was that happy to stay as a woman. They tried to stick together, and help each other adapting to their new bodies and lives, but there was no way they could have kept being friends, let alone live in the same apartment. So after a while both Johanna and Jackie had to leave the city to escape the reputation they created for themselves when they were competing, and started anew somewhere else, trying to figure their new lives out. Alana had not heard from them ever since.

She was still pretty sad for how things ended up, but she knew that she had done the right thing. It was not her fault if her friends could not understand how lucky they actually were to be women, and how better their lives could have been once they would have embraced their new condition. Maybe one day they would have understood, and maybe they would have also got in touch with her somehow, and they could have been friends again. But for now she would not have let gloomy thoughts ruin her day. She had so much to be happy for, and she knew that she would have been so for the rest of her life.


  1. I loved this series. Hopefully Johanna and Jackie will realize how lucky they are soon.

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