14 April 2018

A star is born

Requested by shiro :)
I always had some kind of love/hate relationship with karaoke. I love to sing my heart out to my favorite songs, and I even like to dance and shake my body, even improvising choreographies for my performances. It really is one of my favorite things in the world to do. On my own that is. Unfortunately karaoke for the most part is seen as a social activity, and while I understand why people enjoy to goof around with friends singing and dancing together, I never could feel comfortable doing it with my group of friends. Most of all because I always felt judged for my taste in music. You see, I am very into J-pop, a genre that is always ostracized by most people. Not only that, but I really enjoy that kind of girly pop sung by Japanese idol groups. Needless to say, singing your heart out to such girly music is bound to make you look like a fool, and my friends never missed on a chance to mock me. I tried to ignore them for the most part, but I just could not help but felt incredibly uneasy. All I wished was to be free to be myself, and to sing and dance to my favorite music however I liked. Well, one night my wish became a reality.

I was singing my song, feeling great and at ease. No matter how much my friends would mock me, when the music would start I always instantly became someone else, feeling just like I was on a stage entertaining a crowd of adoring fan. But that time something felt quite different. With the stage light pointing on me it was quite hard to make sense of my surroundings, but it was like the karaoke bar was transforming in front of my eyes into a huge club filled to the brim with people chanting and cheering. I was so confused, but I kept singing nonetheless, until my voice cracked, and I realized that somehow I was now singing in a high pitched melodic and even feminine voice. It was at that point that I heard someone start to sing beside me, and as I turned around I saw an Asian chick joining me on the chorus. I was shocked, and as I looked down at myself I realized that not only my voice had changed, but that I had somehow become a completely different person. I was dressed in a pink sweater with matching shorts, and most unsettling of all I was wearing a bra. A bra that was enveloping tight a pair of round breasts. I had breasts! I was a girl!

I was of course way too overturned by that discovery to keep singing and dancing like I was doing, and I just remained there paralyzed on the stage while the other girl kept singing, until I heard people yelling at me to keep singing. I had no idea of what was actually going on, but something in that moment kicked off in my mind. In that moment I knew what to do. I knew how to behave. I felt my chest burst with confidence and sex appeal, and so I took off my sweater and tied it around my narrow waist, shaking my hips sexily and showing everyone how hot I felt. And then I grabbed the mic again and started to sing again in my new incredible voice, dancing like I had never danced before, and the crowd loved it! They were crazy about me, and me and my new friend put up an incredible show for our fans. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever felt in my whole life. Up until that moment that is. Soon I would have experienced something even more amazing.

After the concert I headed to my dressing room, and I was still incredibly thrilled for the experience. So sweaty, and overturned, and… horny. Completely absorbed by my performance I still had not taken time to fully take in how much my body had changed, but now that I was all alone, getting rid of my sweaty clothes, I realized how incredibly hot I was. I was looking at my reflection in a mirror, and I looked amazing! My long luscious black hair, my perfect skin, my round and firm tits, my gorgeously fit physique. And most incredible of all, my new pussy between my legs. There was nothing I could have done, the thought was just too tempting! I had to find out how that felt! And so I laid down naked on the floor, spread my legs, and reached with my dainty had for my new genitals. It felt so alien. No matter where my fingers would run, it all felt so sensitive down there, and the slightest touch would make me jolt and gasp for the surprise. It was actually quite hard to get the gist of it. If I made some rushed movement it felt almost painful. But after a while I was so incredibly wet that my slender fingers were running so smoothly over my labia and clit that I started to furiously masturbate right there on the floor. Until suddenly, I was interrupted.

The other singer entered my dressing room without even knocking, and was understandably shocked to see me like that. I jumped back up immediately, clumsily trying to cover myself up and to hide the fact that I had just experienced the most amazing feeling I had ever felt in my life. I babbled something, trying to explain myself while stuttering, when to my surprise the girl kindly shut my mouth with her finger in a very kind and feminine gesture, and after having done that she leaned in for a kiss. She basically forced her tongue into my mouth, and even started to massage my breasts and tease my pussy. I was simply dumbfounded, and unsure about what was going on. Had these two girls always been lovers? Who even was I right now? How did I end up like this? Those question soon disappeared from my mind, and I started to feel the pleasure build and spread from my genitals to all of my body, washing over my skin and making me quiver, until I finally snapped out of my confusion and started to kiss my new lover back.
We spent the following hour having hot and passionate lesbian sex, and it was incredible. The things she could do with her tongue and fingers, the way she knew exactly how and where to touch me to make me achieve maximum pleasure. When I reached climax for the first time as a woman, it was like I had just experienced heaven, and even though I had still no idea of how I had ended up like that, I knew that I would have never wanted to give that new life up. Since then me and my girlfriend have been touring all over japan, becoming one of the most successful J-pop group in the scene. Majors are contacting us left and right, offering us to make us even greater stars. It would be the most amazing thing, if I still could care about anything else but enjoying my new relationship. It doesn’t matter what we will decide to do with our careers. As long as we are together, nothing else is important.

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