09 April 2018

Spring break contest - Part 3: Quantity over quality

John did his best to hide his unease as he took that selfie, and in the end he was quite happy with the result. It actually didn’t matter all that much how confident and at ease he looked anyway. The important stuff was all featured in just that pic, namely his huge tits and amazing curves, as well as a face he was actually quite surprised to find out screamed slut. Quite a nice outcome considering what his objective was.

He did not waste any time. He immediately created a profile on Tinder, Craiglist, and whatever website he could think of where he could have found guys who wanted to have sex with him. He had always been a pretty pragmatic guy, and he knew that that method was way more efficient than looking for men on the beach and then bring them to a place where to hook up with them. It was much better to wait for them to come knocking at his door. However things turned out to be harder than he imagined.

First of all, even though he made it quite clear on his profiles that he was willing to do everything for free, many guys must have thought that he was some kind of prostitute, and why pay for sex with hookers when the beaches are filled with drunk and easy girls? Moreover he realized that word was not spreading nearly as well as he hoped for, and sex as a girl was much more uncomfortable and most importantly slower than he imagined it would have been. If he wanted to win he needed to step up his game, and he started thinking of another way.

He soon found out both to his disgust and happiness, that he could do wonders with his mouth and lips, and that a guy could not resist him for more than a handful of minutes before blowing his load. So blowjobs were the way to go, but they were not worth nearly enough points. He needed to increase those points, and so he decided to also start giving handjobs to two other guys at the same time. There were many guys that just like him and his friends who were not good at all at picking up girls, and so many group of friends were happy to take advantage of John’s services. Moreover that way word would have spread three times faster.

It was a shame that the rules of the game did not allow him to have sex with the same guy more than once, otherwise he was sure he would have soon built quite a loyal following. But that didn’t matter all that much. Clients kept coming, and John was sure that if he kept going at that pace he would have been the one to win the game.

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