10 April 2018


Requested by Ilvernia Gershon :)
She’s just standing there, with her arms crossed and that smirk on her face. She is so amused while she looks at me strut and wobble on these heels. She said she was going to let me wear pants instead than a skirt or a dress, but she was adamant about me having to wear heels. And I can tell that she is having a blast looking at me from afar, while I feel so mortified to hit the streets for the first time as the new me.

All of these people around me… all of these guys. I can tell they are checking me out, and it seems like they like what they see. And the smiles on their faces… it’s like they know what I am. Well, they probably have seen me come out from the government clinic just now, so it would not be hard for anyone to make two plus two. God, this is so embarrassing! I feel so uneasy! I can’t believe I will have to live like this for the rest of my life, and that not even my girlfriend seems to have any sympathy for me. On the contrary, she seems enthusiast of now having a brand new sister.

I have feared this day would have come for basically all of my life. Ever since the birthrate of girls had mysteriously started to dramatically decline, and the government has taken extreme measures to fix the problem, even going as far as implementing the gender reassignment program, basically every boy grows up fearing the day when he will turn 18 and he will have to take the test and show that he deserve to be a man. And whoever fails, get turned into a girl for the rest of his life.

Well, my worst fears have become a reality. I have failed the test. I had no idea what kind of test that would have been. I have been stripped down and strapped to a medical table, and then strange mechanical devices and arms started to take measurements of my body. I was so scared. And when that robotic voice said that my sexual organs were below average size, and that I had failed the test, my heart sunk. Then the second part of the procedure started, and to my surprise I saw my girlfriend Victoria walk into the room.
Apparently a close friend gets invited to the facility to witness the procedure, and she gets to decide whether or not the guy gets to keep his gender or not, and the news gave me hope once again. However when I saw the enraged expression on her face I knew that my trouble were not ending. She grabbed my cock and balls, and started to squeeze them tight, and the pain was so sharp that I screamed terrorized. She said that I had failed her with my pathetically small penis, and that she had always felt betrayed and cheated by me for having lead her to fall in love with me even though I could never satisfy her sexually. That was insane, but I was so scared and overturned that I just begged her to forgive me, and pleaded her to stop hurting me, but she just kept staring at me straight in the eyes, and even said that she was going to personally remove my manhood. And I very much believed that she was going to just rip my dick apart, and I passed away.

I was woken up by the sound of more machines running, and the same robotic voice saying “Beginning of phase 3: Familiarization with new body”. Then I heard Victoria’s voice saying “Wow! They made you a beautiful girl!”. Even though my head felt ditzy, and I lacked the strengths to rise up and look down at my new body, I could tell that I was changed. I felt so strange, so weak and frail, my skin so sensitive, and the unsettling void between my legs made my shiver in fear. However it was still not time for me to take in all that had happened to me.

Before I could do or say anything, Victoria climbed over me, and started to massage and squeeze what could only be my new boobs. They felt so sensitive, and when she squeezed them I jolted, and could not hold back a moan. I was so overturned and shocked, and there was anything I could do to stop her, and she knew that all too well. She kept teasing my breasts, and pinching my nipples, and then she smiled down at me and headed with her dainty hand for my pussy. <<Time to test your new equipment.>> she said smirking mischievously, and then she kept teasing my new clit, and running her finger over my pussy, and even stuck one inside of me, and it felt all so alien and unsettling. And yet it was so good. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, starting to enjoy it, and I was almost disappointed when she stopped teasing me. However I turned white as soon as I opened my eyes and saw that she had taken out a dildo from somewhere. She roughly thrusted it into my wet pussy, and I gasped as I felt it get deeper and deeper. She started to make it go back and forth, and I felt my insides being spread, and could not help but starting to cry for the pleasure. <<Say it!>> she said to me, <<Admit that you are a girl!>>. I was trying my best to keep focused, but I was just so lost in the pleasure washing over me, and my mind slowly started to go blank. And in the end I just did whatever she said. I screamed to the top of my lungs that I was a girl as I reached climax, and only after that Victoria finally stopped. It was over. My life as a man had ended, and now I was ready to start a new life as Madison, Victoria’s new sister.

I guess I really have no choice. To my knowledge there is no way to revert the process, which means that no matter what I decide to do with my life, I am now going to live as a woman forever. I might as well start to try to get used to this, and having a new sister helping me will make it easier I hope. It is going to be awkward, not to mention incredibly hard. But maybe I will eventually get some enjoyment out of this. As a guy I was a failure, but maybe as a girl I can find my true self. I have to admit that my first orgasm as a girl did feel pretty good, and I’m definitely quite eager to try it again.

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