26 April 2018

Stepping up

<<Ah yes! Lovely! Hold on a sec, I must take a pic of this!>>
<<Is… is that really necessary?>>
<<Of course it is! My little sister’s first night out in high heels. It’s an important step for a girl. This moment must be captured. Don’t act so shy, we know how much you love all the likes you get on Instagram, and I guarantee you this will get you flooded with likes.>>
<<All right! Hold on, let me strike a cute pose!>>
<<That’s my sis! Here we go, lovely! How do those shoes feel by the way?>>
<<Not very comfortable actually. I’d rather go out with my other shoes. I can barely keep my balance in these, let alone dance.>>
<<You had to start wearing heels eventually. You don’t have to wear them all the time, but they’re mandatory for a night out. They make you look so tall, and your butt looks gorgeous. Trust me, it is worth it, and you will get used to them.>>
<<First the skin tight pants, then the makeup, now this. If I go on like this there will be no trace of masculinity left in me.>>
<<So? Isn’t that the point? It’s not like the TG Virus is ever going to reverse its process and change you back. Since you’re stuck as a girl you might as well embrace it. I’m not saying you have to hook up with a guy tonight, but it will be fun to have a night out as sisters, and I want my lil sis to look gorgeous. Trust me, you won’t have to pay a single drink tonight with that outfit. Guys are going to flock at you, and you can practice playing the flirt with them. We will have the time of our lives!>>
<<O… ok sis! Thank you. Thank you so much for being so close to me and for helping me out. I really appreciate that.>>
<<Hey, as siblings we may not have been hand and glove, but I couldn’t possibly have left you alone dealing with your transformation. And I promise I will be the best big sister there is for you. Now get a grip of those shoes already and hurry up! The club is waiting for us!>>

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