21 April 2018


Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! This can’t be real! I must be dreaming! Yeah it is definitely a dream! Now I’m going to pinch my arm and… Ouch!

No. Unfortunately this is not a dream. This is real. I really am a girl now. And not just any girl. I have somehow become Susan Reed, the pupil from my class. But how? How did this happen?

Well I already know the answer, or at least I have only one explanation. After I finally stopped freaking out and calmed down a bit after the initial shock I searched on the internet for some answers, and apparently I’m not alone in this situation.

They have called it the F.O.S.E. Apparently some sort of wave that no one has been able to explain has gone through the country swapping people’s bodies. But the worst part is that apparently it swapped whoever was masturbating in that moment with the person he was thinking about while doing it.

This is impossible! It’s insane! And yet here I am, trapped in the body of one of my students. I have her luscious red hair, and her nose piercing, and her perky tits, and her firm butt. It actually happened. That means that I’m screwed!

Not only am I now stuck as a teenage girl. If I have become Susan that means that she is now stuck in my body. She must have suddenly found herself under the shower with my dick in her hand just as I was reaching climax. She is probably freaking out right now, and who knows what she can do. My wife. My kids. Now everybody will know! They’ll know that I was masturbating while thinking about one of my students. They will know that I’m attracted to her. My life is over! I will lose my job, my wife will leave me, my kids will hate me, I’ll be just a disgusting pervert for everyone!

Why did it have to end up like this? I know that it is wrong, this girl is barely legal and half my age. Plus I’m her professor and this kind of things is enough to end my career forever. But I didn’t do anything wrong! It was just masturbation! I wasn’t hurting anyone! Why do I have to have my life ruined like this?

Why am I even thinking of those things? I’m a teenage girl now! How can I be a teacher anyway if I’m barely an adult? Even my family life is over. I’m now my kids’ age, I can’t be a father for them anymore. Or a husband for my wife.

I have to stay calm. I have to think. Susan’s parents are not home, they know nothing about what happened. Soon Susan or my wife are definitely going to call, or even come here to figure this thing out, but I should still have some time to think of something. Think!

Maybe I can blame Susan for all this. After all who said that this is something that affects only men? Girls masturbate too. I’ll say that this little brat was masturbating while thinking of me and that we ended up swapping bodies because of her. This may work. I’m the adult here, I should be able to convince everyone. My wife will believe me, she would never admit to herself that her husband is a pervert. I’ll get out of this. I will avoid the scandal and then I will just have to wait for things to get back to normal. It must work. I can’t be found out!

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