11 April 2018

Just another bite

What’s this? Strawberries? Weird, it’s not every day you see food this healthy in this apartment. Did Brad buy them? I know I didn’t. They’re out of season too. Oh well, might as well try one out. Never been wild for berries, but they look quite tempting I have to admit.

Mmmm, this taste. So sweet. Fuck they are good! Oh man, I have to take another bite. Brad will not mind it, I’m sure. Mmmm… it’s… otherworldly. They taste amazing. I… I’m quivering! I feel strange. How? It’s just fruit. How can they make me feel like this? I… I have to take another one.

Wait! What’s up with my hand? It looks off. It’s so dainty, and delicate. And what’s been of my body hair? My face… I have not shaved this morning, why does my face feel this smooth and soft. Something’s wrong here, but all I can think of are these damned strawberries. Dammit! I can’t stop! I want another one!

I… I’m shorter! The counter has never been this tall! And my arms and shoulders… I feel so weak and fragile. Why do I look so thin all of a sudden? And why do my hair feel longer? I… I know I really should stop now… but I can’t!

Ouch! It hurts! My bones hurt! My… my legs are longer, and my hips are larger… and… Oh god! Are… are these tits! Holy crap! They are! I have breasts! They’re small, but they are definitely breasts! Fuck! I’ve just noticed! It’s shrinking! My dick has shrunk! It’s so small now, it’s basically gone! What is happening here?! It’s like I’m under some spell! I can’t stop eating them!

Unghh! It hurts so much! It’s like my insides are twitching and turning! And my groin burns! I… I can feel it! It’s turning to the inside! I… I can’t! I don’t want to! But… I have no choice. Oh my god! It’s gone! It gone! My dick has disappeared! I… I have a pussy!

My clothes are changing too now. My boxers are crawling up my legs. They’re turning into slips. No wait! They are turning into panties! My crotch is completely flat and I’m wearing lacy panties! And my shirt is changing too. It’s like a tank top now. It keeps shrinking. It’s so tight around my chest. I just noticed, my breast got bigger. It’s turning into a bra. And… I’ve got a tattoo now! And nail polish! I… I’ve turned into a girl!

<<Ah there you are. You found the present I’ve left for you I see.>>
<<Brad! Thank god! I don’t know what’s happening to me! I’ve transformed like this and… wait! What did you just said?>>
<<Well yes. You’ve really changed quite a bit. Just like I’ve been granted. I’m impressed actually. I would never have believed that such things as magic fruit could exist in the real world, but I have proof of it now, right in front of me. And I have to admit, you sure do make a stunning girl.>>
<<This… This is your fault?!>>
<<Of course it is. Look buddy, you are a great roommate and we had lots of fun in the past. But I needed something else. I needed a girlfriend, a lover. Not a roommate. So I just thought that the best way to get it was to change what I already had available. And I couldn’t be happier with the results. Now, what do you say if we go to my bedroom and try your new body out?>>
<<Forget it you sicko! I don’t know how you’ve done this but there’s no way I am going to comply and become your girlfriend or anything like that! Now turn me back right this instant or I swear to god I will end you!>>
<<I see you still have a bit of an attitude. Maybe I have arrived too soon and interrupted the enchantment. Don’t worry, I’m sure it can be fixed in an instant. Now say… do you want another strawberry? I bet they taste amazing. You can’t resist them, can you?>>
<<N… no! I… I don’t want this!>>
<<It’s ok. Just another bite. It can’t hurt.>>
<<I… I…>>
<<Yes. Just like that. They’re delicious, aren’t they? Now, where were we?>>
<<You were about to take me to your room to give something way better than these strawberries you stud. Are you going to keep me waiting? I was getting quite impatient here with nothing more than this fruit to quench my hunger. I want something different now.>>
<<Sure, honey. Right away. God you are beautiful.>>
<<Enough with the mawkishness! Just take me to your room and fuck me! I can’t resist!>>

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