24 March 2018

A bit of relief

Matt let out a sigh of relief as he put the saddle in its place. He usually would have had no problem carrying it around, but now that he had that frail and petite body it felt like its weight had doubled compared to what he was used to. That of course was not the only reason why he felt so exhausted. It had been a very long and hard day. He had spent the whole morning and afternoon trying to learn how to ride a horse, struggling to have it obey him all the while doing his best not to raise any suspicion about his true identity.

That was probably the hardest part of all, trying to hide all of his frustration and unease while putting on a convincing act. He hated horses, and they probably hated him even more, but now he had to be around them the whole day while acting all cheerful and feminine. Because his sister Ariel loved horses, and she was an experienced amazon. And now that he was trapped in her body he had to act exactly like her if they didn’t want to be found out.

It had been already three days since the two siblings had accidentally swapped bodies due to a magic medallion, and it would have taken other four days before they would have been able to return to their respective bodies. A whole week stuck as each other, a whole week forced to act like the other despite the fact that they could barely stand each other. And the worst part was that his sister even had an upcoming competition in a few days, which meant that Matt would have had to compete as her.

Thank god the practice proved to be easier than he thought. The horses were clearly affectionate to Ariel and were therefore tame and collaborative, and even though he had ridden a horse only a handful of times before, this time it all came pretty natural to him. Maybe it was some muscular memory of that body, or perhaps some magical effect of the swap. Whatever it was, he was glad he didn’t end up getting unsaddled, and if he kept going like that maybe he would have achieved a passable performance at the competition.

To be honest it was a lot more difficult to deal with all the downsides of now being a girl. It felt so unnatural to having to pee sitting, disturbing even, and having to do his hair and makeup perfectly in the morning was a chore, as it did having to act all girly and polite as the spoiled princess that his sister would have done. But he had to admit he had fun pulling the little sister card to get Ariel in trouble when they had a quarrel that morning, and he enjoyed all the attention his parents would now give him. He always knew that Ariel was the preferred child, and now he was basking in all that affection. It also felt pretty nice to ride that horse without his balls getting constantly squashed with every movement. He also really liked his new breasts. They were pretty modest, definitely not anything to brag about, but they were of course new to him, and although alien, they felt incredibly nice. Every time he put on a bra he couldn’t resist the temptation to massage and squeeze them, and it felt so pleasant.

Thinking about that Matt started to feel a sense of arousal. Incidentally the barn was also the place where he hid his porn magazines from his parents, and as he took one out of its hideout he started to ponder. Sure, he had promised Ariel that he would not have done anything weird while in her body, and at first the mere thought of exploring his sister’s body was unsettling and disturbing to him. But it had already been three days, and he could feel the frustration and stress increase with every hour he kept on that farce. It was not like he wasn’t doing his part. He did everything he had to, he deserved some kind of relief. After all what good would it have been to get to the competition all stressed-out? But most of all he was growing increasingly curious about how it would have felt for a girl. “Fuck it! I deserve this!” he thought, and so he opened the magazine to a random page, unbuttoned his jeans, and reached with his petite hand for his groin.

Looking transfixed at the provocative and sensual women in the pictures, he reached immediately under his panties straight for the clit and started to rub it. He soon found out that that would hurt, but he also started to quiver under that touch, and he could feel his legs already going numb. After a while he started to feel a warm feeling down in his groin, and reaching lower with his finger he felt that he had started to get wet. It was so strange, but it felt also so good. He started to play around, teasing the labia a running up and down with his finger, and as he felt the pleasure starting to build he stuck a finger inside of his pussy. It felt so warm, and the slightest move of his finger would make him jolt. It started to move it around, reaching deeper and deeper. Suddenly a moan of pleasure escaped his mouth, and his back arched as a wave of pleasure ran through his body making him jolt. Finally, with his finger now perfectly lubricated, he reached once again for the clit. His dainty finger was now running over it so smoothly, and it felt amazing to tease it, drawing circles around it and rubbing it at an increasingly faster pace.

He suddenly noticed that he wasn’t looking at the magazine anymore, and as he looked once again at those women he realized that those pictures weren’t doing anything for him. So he threw the magazine in a corner and assumed a more comfortable posture. He then closed his eyes and let his mind wonder. He wasn’t even the slightest bit disturbed as he should have been when he surprised himself picturing men in his mind, with toned muscles, and powerful arms, and delicious cocks. And when he stuck a second finger inside his pussy, he was imagining a big throbbing dick penetrating him, and a gorgeous hunk humping him roughly. A few seconds later he reached climax and let out a muffled cry of pleasure, and as he laid on his back transfixed by that experience he realized that he never felt anything like that as a guy.

He quickly composed himself and put everything in its place before heading to the house where his family was waiting for him. Needless to say, the remaining days leading up to the competition would have been a lot more tolerable from that point on.


  1. Hi Rachel I really enjoy your caps.
    I was wondering if you can do one about a second puberty girl who is reluctant to embrace her femininity. But agrees to be a bridesmaid for her sister’s wedding as the sister has been helping her ever since she was first diagnosed. And at the wedding she begins flirting with one of the groomsmen and ends up hooking up with him.

    1. I will happily write this story :)
      For future requests keep in mind that I have a post dedicated to requests pinned on the right ^-^

    2. I’ll be sure to do that. I’m on the mobile site so I didn’t see it this time. :)