27 March 2018

Escape from swap island

<<Come on Judy we can do it! This is our chance to get out of here!
Come on help me! I can’t push this boat in the water alone! This body is too weak!>>
<<…No Perry!>>
<<W… what do you mean with no?!>>
<<I mean exactly that. I’m not going to help you. In fact, I want to stop you. We’re here to stay.>>
<<This is no time for joking. Hurry up and help me. We only have maybe a couple of hours left before the sun sets and the spell…>>
<<…Becomes permanent. I know. That’s the point, I want it to become permanent. I want to stay… I want us both to stay as we are.>>
<<Y… you can’t do this! Snap out of it this instant and help me with this fucking boat!>>
<<Don’t call me like that! You’re Judy! And I’m Perry>>
<<No it isn’t! Not anymore. You have my body now, and I will call you with your proper name!
Listen, I know you are afraid of what is going to happen to us. I’m scared too to let go of my previous life forever. But last week was wonderful, the best I had in my whole life in fact, and as days went by I started to really feel comfortable in your body. I started to really feel it like my own. I… I don’t want to give it back. I want to stay like this.>>
<<Well I won’t let you! This is all your fault! You dragged me to this island without even telling me of its curse! You forced me to spend the week as you in order to put our relationship back on track, whatever that means! And you made us miss the last ferry of the day getting us stuck here!>>
<<Didn’t seem like you minded running a little late while we were making love earlier. Nor did you mind it the rest of the week.>>
<<Well, if I knew that your plan was to get us stuck here I wouldn’t have consented. You can’t do this to us! To me! I don’t want to be you for the rest of my life.>>
<<I know, I’m really sorry to have to force this on you. I hoped till the last moment that you would have shared my same feelings about this, but I see that it is really difficult for you to accept it. I really wish there was a better way to do this, but you leave me no choice.
I’m going to return to the hotel now. In a couple of hours there will be nothing neither of us can do about it. You can try to push that boat in the sea and row as much as you can, but it is unlikely that we will swap back as long as I stay here. Hell, we don’t know if we would swap back even if we both start to row as much as we can to get away from here.
I’m not going to drag you back to our room, even though I could now that I am much stronger than you. I will just wait for you, and then we will decide whether to prolong our stay at the island or to go back home with the first ferry tomorrow. Either way when we will leave this island I will be Perry and you will be Judy. There’s nothing you can do about it.>>
<<I… I…>>
<<Judy… I love you. I really love you. Maybe things have not always been great between us, but I really love you. And I want to spend my life with you. That’s why I made us go to therapy. That’s why I dragged you to this island. I wanted you to walk a bit in my shoes to give us both a new perspective, understand each other better. I couldn’t imagine I would have ended up liking being you so much.
But I still want to be with you. We can help each other get through this. There’s a lot we will have to get used to, and I want you by my side during this transition. But if by the end of the day you still will not be willing to accept the situation, I will understand. I can’t force you to stay with me, but I really hope you will. I can tell you have enjoyed this week as much as I did. I could tell it by your bright smile, and your happy laughter, and the way you looked at me as we made love as each other.
We can make it through this together. I promise we will be happy.>>
With those words Judy left in Perry’s body. A single tear ran down her cheek as she left her boyfriend behind, wishing that what she had just told him would turn out to be true and hoping that he could realize that that was the right thing to do, even though painful doubts were still gripping her conscience.

Perry wasn’t going to give up easily. He kept pushing that boat with all his might, using all the strength that his new petite body was able to gather. But it was no use. He was so weak now. The few feet between the boat and the sea seemed like miles, and anxiety and frustration were building inside of him as the sunlight was getting dimmer and the day was leaving room to the night.

After few infinite minutes of enervating efforts he had to give up, and melted into a desperate cry. He never was an emotional guy, but now he felt like a river of tears was ready to burst out of his eyes, and he didn’t feel like being strong anymore. He gave in to his newfound frailty and for the first time he felt truly female, even more than when he made love to his girlfriend in his new body for the first time. He thought back to that magical night. He couldn’t deny that that was the most amazing experience of his life, and as days went by and he got more comfortable with his new female form he had started to enjoy it, and somehow he felt like he understood his girlfriend a lot better. So many times he risked making her leave him, and she had to endure a lot of shit from him in order for them to stay together. He started to be aware of that, and to see how awful he could be. That experience definitely would have been beneficial to their relationship. But to stay like that forever…

The sun had disappeared by the time he finally rose from his crouching position. He didn’t feel any different from before, but somehow he knew that there was no going back now. The cool breeze of the evening was making him shiver, and his soft skin already had goosebumps. He had to get back to the hotel, if anything to at least find some warmth. But confrontation with Judy was unavoidable. What will he tell her? What will he do from that point on? He hated her for what she did, but he also felt he still was in love with her. What to do?

He headed down the path to the hotel stumbling on the cool sand and still trembling for the cold, and with his long blonde hair agitated by the wind. Even though he was still uncertain about where his life would have headed from that day on, he knew that at least for the moment there was someone waiting for him at the hotel. Someone who loved him.

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