31 March 2018

The great egg hunt - Big sister

Jay was keeping looking at his phone annoyed. His friends were hanging out at the mall having fun, while he was stuck at that park watching over his younger brother doing that stupid egg hunt, in search for the special egg to meet the Easter bunny. So lame. Jay was so pissed off at his parents for having forced him to babysit that brat. He just wanted for that afternoon to be over soon, so he could have joined his friends and got rid of that pain in the ass of his little brother.

He suddenly noticed an egg laying near the pond untouched. He would have normally left it alone for some kid to find, but then he noticed that it was different from all the others. It was a chocolate egg! Well, that sure was a nice surprise. At least he could have got himself a treat to make that afternoon a little more pleasant. What use would have that been to just leave it in the open to melt waiting for some dumb child to stumble into it? He picked it up and removed the wrapping, and gave it a big bite. It was a dark chocolate one, which was pretty disappointing for Jay since he expected something sweeter, and suddenly he started to feel strange. It was like a strange warm feeling had started radiating from his stomach to all of his body, and his skin started to tingle.

He looked at his arms, and saw them starting to chase color, becoming darker and darker. He started to freak out, but before he could scream in panic for help he felt his Adam’s apple go down his throat almost suffocating it, and as he coughed an cleared his throat he realized that his voice had changed, becoming high-pitched and feminine. Then he felt something brush against his shoulder, and he realized that not only had his hair changed color and grow longer, but somehow they were now combed into long and thick braids. Suddenly his bones began to crack, as his figure reshaped and transformed, becoming slender and delicate. His hips became wide, his waist narrow, and modest breasts appeared on his chest. Finally his pants changed into a pair of short, and his shirt shrunk and transformed into a bikini top that started sustaining his new breasts.

Jacy stared down at her body, confused and overturned, until the sound of her phone buzzing brought her back to reality. She took it out and looked at the last message. It was her boyfriend pressuring her to free herself of the babysitter job somehow and join him and their friend to have some fun. Right, she was supposed to babysit her little brother! There he was in the distance, still looking for eggs! God it was so infuriating to be stuck there for the whole day looking after that brat. She would have really liked to reach her friends, but there really was no way she could have done so. She had promised her parents after all, and she couldn’t help but feel like she should have done everything she could to show them her gratitude for having adopted her years ago and raised her just like she was their daughter. And even though ever since that kid had come into her life he meant nothing but trouble for her, she still was very attached to him despite everything, and she really felt like she was responsible for him. She was the older sister after all. Her boyfriend would have waited a bit. They were going to at least spend a nice night together anyway.

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